My name is Kenisha Brown. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist with over 12 years experience professionally. I graduated from G Skin Beauty Institute. I specialize in natural hair, precision cuts & hair extensions. In my career, I’ve operated my own beauty business, beauty care line and beauty consulting services.

In addition to beauty, I’m a gifted intuitive energy healer. I was born with the ability to heal myself, others & detect possible complications with the mind, body and spirit. I’m a Certified Reiki Practitioner/Master, but do not practice Reiki as my own healing abilities are more authentic. My natural healing abilities is stronger than transferred energies.

This beauty blog is for anyone who shares similar beauty interest. I love everything beauty from hair. skin and nails to fashion. Fashion to nature. I see beauty in everything. Oh, plus I’ll post about motherhood with teens and a little guy who will be 1 year old soon. Enjoy!

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