Separation Is An Illusion

Updated: May 7, 2022 Note: When I use the words God, Divine, Lord and Creator I am simply using different words to describe one being.

During these recent years, the answers to life I’ve been praying for have unfolding right in front of me. When I walked away from all religion 6 years ago, I remember saying to myself, “if God is real and truly know me, he will search my heart.” At that time, I was tired of living in fear, repenting, and just wanted real answers. I desired an authentic connection with God and not a one church said I should have. I look at my life now and have discovered the true beauty of it all. I have a message for you that I hope you are ready to receive.

This message is understanding there is no separation, and most importantly…. WE ARE ALL ONE. Every idea of separation is an illusion. This is true on all levels. The human ego simply wants to make itself appear better than something or another. The human ego we all possess wants to belong. We are not separated as we are more than just physical beings. In reality, we are all unique in our own special way, but one in the same. Remember, every living thing and creature on the planet (including humans) are a temporary physical manifestation of the Lord. When I say physical, I don’t mean arms, legs, features, etc. I believed this in a non-denominational faith for a decade even though it never sat well with me. We are the offspring of our Creator (regardless of one’s personal beliefs). We are all souls which comes directly from God. Souls are energy that can not be created nor destroyed. These souls also have a purpose in a lifetime. Due to this energy all living creatures possess, no matter how its divided, stretched or molded it is all the same. This means we are one in the same, because this energy is a piece of our Divine Creator. Think of an orange and apple. These two fruits are foods which grow on trees. Their differences is the nutrients they provide. This is how souls work. We all have our divine purpose even though we are one in the same. Another example is the movie number 9. The Master created these little puppets. He managed to give them all a little of his life force which made them breathing souls. After he created the last puppet, number 9, he died. He created his own offspring in the image of puppets to fulfill an important mission to save the planet. This is similar to our existence, except God never dies. And if God never die, how can we if we are a part of the Divine? We are souls of God living temporarily in the physical realm (earth).

This world has been divided into tiny pieces by “humans.” We’ve been separated on the ignorance of skin color, hair texture, social status, career choices and overall race. The illusion of education over actual intelligence. Separation of countries and continents instead of embracing the cultures. Battle of the sexes when both genders are equal in God’s eyes. The genders are strongest as a unit. Social status that is broken down into classes. Tall and short, skinny and chubby, up and down, left and right, black and white, wide and narrow…. you get my point. One of the most important pieces to this puzzle that started it all is religion. Religion has even made it possible to kill ourselves at rapid speed by living in fear, the way we eat, and shamefully denying our very existence as spiritual beings having a human experience.

As offspring of our Creator, we as humans have a different level in intellect than other life forms. The beauty is we all still come from God. A rose is the Lord’s precious creation just like humans. A Wildebeest is just as important as the waves of the ocean. Those ocean waves are alive just as an ant. We were created to co-exists on planet earth and not to destroy it nor one another. Due to all the poor judgement for one’s personal agenda and gain, our planet and every life force is suffering. This is an abomination to our Creator. We’ve been forced to forget who we are since our first breath. Due to the conditioning passed down from our parents, nefarious agendas from medical facilities, churches and schools our societies breed greed, mediocrity, scarcity, illness, misunderstanding of our sexual desires, suffering and more.

In conclusion, everything is an illusion outside of the priceless beings we were created to be. When we become aware of our very existence, life starts to turn in a new and amazing direction. Once we face the facts, we can open our minds to really shift to a higher level of consciousness. This is happening on the planet now, but there are always distractions to keep us from remembering, accepting and making the needed changes to happiness.

To some of you reading this I know this may sound strange. I understand, because I’ve come from a similar world like you. My biggest blessings have come from praying for understanding, but the Lord didn’t just open my understanding. God gave me the ability to remember and become aware of who I AM. If you’re on the fence and have been curious about life, I highly encourage you to think outside the box. Be the change in this distorted world and pray to remember.

Peace & Blessings

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I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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