Male/Female Versus Masculine/Feminine Energy

We live in a world where we have been taught everything is physical or it needs Scientific proof to be proven as fact. Luckily, we live in times where more Scientists, Reasearchers and Archaeologist are no longer hiding truthful information about our existence. I’m about to take you to a whole notha level with this post. Those of you who know this, I highly encourage to share your knowledge with others. If you would like to learn more about life from a different point of view with facts to prove it, I highly encourage you to start with Gaia. However, don’t stop there. Get out in nature, conduct your own authentic/unbiased research and take baby steps to a live the life you want versus the life someone else has chosen for you.

Did you know masculine/feminine energy has nothing to do with male/female self? When it comes to the terms of male/female many are upset by how these roles have seemed to change over the decades. Some believe the way our food is made has a lot to do with it. Others believe people aren’t fearing God anymore and this is what’s causing the imbalance. From my own spiritual awakenings and being moved to write more about the information I know, have discovered and live by daily, this has encouraged me to enlighten others on the facts of life. What I’m about to share with you is contrary to what many, including myself have been conditioned to believe.

We’ve been taught male equals masculinity and female equals femininity. I’m here to tell you this is true in some cases, but not true for everyone. The way people are exercising their freedom of expression, is powerful and shows there is an imbalance in our world. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech has caused hate. This is all due to poor human conditioning.

Before I dive into this, I want to express that I’m not supporting any group of people. I’m supporting the freedom of all beings, including myself.

Here’s what you need to know about me.

I’m a heterosexual female woman who love men. I adored the beauty industry since I was a child. I love playing in makeup, doing hair, waxing eyebrows and can be a fashionista when I’m in the mood. On the other hand, I’m more in touched with my masculine energy. I’ve been more masculine since a young child and it used to drive my mother crazy! She would fight with me to do my hair (I’ve always had a sensitive scalp). She would make me wear these pretty dresses and purses (sigh). She painted my nails and made me sing a solo at church every 4th Sunday. I absolutely hated every last bit of it. If she lived to see how I balanced out, I know she would be proud. As a teen, I played sports with the guys, wore boxers, baggy clothes, ponytails galore, deepened my voice, and so on. I looked and dressed like the masculine lesbians you see today. As I learned about these energies, I know I have more of a balance now, but my energy is still more masculine than feminine. This has a lot to do with past lives, but I will discuss this in a future post. I’ve accepted my masculine energy and embrace it.

The truth is our genital organs have absolutely nothing to do with being masculine nor feminine. Here’s why:

#1 Male and female was designed to create new life & do their human jobs

There’s this poor misconception when it comes to males and females. There’s always this sense of dominance. Men believed they are superior over women for a very long time and counting. Many men still feel this way due to their phyical size over women, charm and sex. Females believe they are more dominant due to similar reasons. Despite the chaos taken place on the planet with “gender” natural born females like myself (as well as all the other female species with a couple of exceptions) carry and give birth to new life. We can give birth and after recovery get back to normal activities with the new addition to the family. Females are naturally more intuitive while men are naturally impulsive. This isn’t always the case, but highly the case in many situations. For instance, if we walk into any Kindergarten or first grade classroom, the boys will be very active. The girls would have conversations.. In some cases, you’ll see very a couple of boys and girls observing the other children and their surroundings. This is a way to embrace our differences as we are remarkable beings.

The fact is male and female were designed to create new life. Men physically have more strength, height, sometimes weight, because they are protectors. The human male’s responsibility is to protect its species (female and children). While the female’s responsibility is to nurture her species. Male/female nonsexual intimacy provides and energy of love that can’t be expressed with words. It can only be felt. We’re male and female based on our set of organs to create the most precious gift that can be given in this existence. A physical manifestion of our Creator. A beautiful miniature version of who we are… a child.

#2 Masculinity and Femininity are energies which are a way of life.

These two energies are more powerful than the battle of physical sexes. This is what makes us who we are. For so long, we have been taught male = masculine and female = feminine. In reality, this is an energy the soul takes on naturally. This is why some people live in their truth of sexual preference. At the end of the day, we all want to have peace in our souls and love who we choose to love. This is why some women like myself are indeed all woman, but poccess maculine energy. Do you remember when people used to describe a “gentle” man as being in touch with his feminine side? All that means is he’s more in tuned with his feminine energy.

The disturbing part with is so many people feel like they can’t be themselves. This was a huge challenge in my life. When I was in religion based faiths, I was always told I wasn’t submissive enough, I talked back to men when I should’ve done what I was told and so forth. Women including my own relatives would tell me not to make waves, and its okay to let a man physically harm me if he felt I was out of line. I used to pray to the Lord asking, “if I’m suppose to be submissive so I can attract my husband, why did you make me so strong? I’m not like other women no matter how hard I try.” I use to cry during my prayers, because I didn’t understand. Then it clicked on day. This is the human’s ego way of manipulating other people. These “titles” aren’t serving their purpose in the right way around the world.

Many times, like in my life, this energy has nothing to do with the actual “gender” of a person. We see all of this talk of the “left” or “right” side of debates in the media. The truth is these are all distractions to keep us from who we really are.


We are not here to get caught up in the battle of the sexes. In truth, a healthy balance between the the energies is most beneficial for all. There isn’t one way or the other. There must be a little room to evolve so we may fulfilled lives while here on planet earth. We should already know and respect the individuality of one another.Humans have created ways which are hazardous to the mind, body and spirit. We read bibles, books, listen to philosophers, motivational speakers, life coaches, etc. on how we all should live our lives to be “happy and prosperous.” Take a look at the animal kingdom. Have you ever thought why animals are born into this world and know their places? If humans are so dominant, why do we lack the common sense to live free? Why must we create so many titles and manipulate our own species? Better yet, why are these failing one sided ways considered normal? We have been compromised for someone or something’s own agenda.

It is best that we live a life that is free from titles. Create our own life. Live in our own truth and respect others’ ways of life especially if they aren’t bringing immediate harm to us or our loved ones.

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I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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