Read This & Never Fear Death Again

Are you afraid of dying? This post may change your perception all together. Here’s my story on death, how I experienced anxiety around death from an early age and why I now have peace about death.

I’m one of those individuals who has experienced many unfortunate events from an early age. Most of the women I loved dearly passed on before I was 14 years old. This included a close cousin who passed around her 13th birthday when I was 12 years old. My best friend who was also my first cousin passed on before we saw 30 years of age.

Growing up in Chicago, funerals was considered a normal anticipated event as it happened so often when I was a child. The first person I remember seeing in a casket was my Grandmother (my mom’s mother) at 5 years old. My Grandfather (my mom’s father) was one year later. As the years went by I’ve seen my mother and my Grandmother (father’s mother) and so many other relatives in caskets. This was all before age 14. Due to living like this, I thought I would die young as it was common to lose lives at all ages in my family.

As I grew older, I dealt with anxiety heavily. From about 18 to 21, my life was spent being afraid of literally everything. It didn’t help that I witnessed a woman get struck by a pickup truck on snow wheels and man having a medical crisis in the middle of the food court at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas many years ago. These were just some of many events that made me claim anxiety until I made a choice to take my life back.

After leaving Christianity and starting my Spiritual journey, I studied different religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith. One fact I’ve learned after my studies is there is some truth to all of the religions. When I chose to walk an open minded spiritual path, I started to think differently about everything. I knew most of what I was taught at a young age wasn’t true and were fear tactics to keep me in this matrix. I know this wasn’t done intentionally so I blame no one. I just know better now.

After realizing what physical death really is about, how significant the human soul really is, and learning the Tarot meaning of the Death card, it has heightened my understanding in new exciting ways. No, I wouldn’t end my own life to experience physical death before my time. I’m just aware of why this life experience is so important to our very existence. Here’s why we should not fear physical death.

Death is a normal process of life’s cycle

We are born, we live and we die. This is life’s normal cycle. Despite what some of us have been taught, were not created to live in this human flesh forever. Yes, our human bodies are amazing as it can repair itself time and time again, but the physical body has an expiration date. We were designed to live in seasons. Spring being born and our childhood. Summer season is adolescence through adulthood. Fall is middle age adult through maturity. Winter is those mature years through passing on at an old age of 70+ years old. The idea of when we die is to have lived a fulfilled life.

Our Soul lives forever

Souls are energy. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. On a scientific level, this is the law of conservation of energy. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience in the physical 3-dimensional realm. It is not the other way around. I was conditioned in Christianity to believe I was only flesh breathing oxygen to stay alive. I was brain washed to believe that everything was physical with the exception of Jesus, Jesus’s Father (Creator of all), angels & demons. This simply isn’t true and here’s why.

We are a spiritual & physical manifestation of our Creator

We all have different beliefs. I refer to the Creator of life and the Universe as the Divine Lord. For you this can mean God, Most High God, Allah, Higher Power, Lord, Elohim, Source, etc. Fill in this title with what is most comfortable for you.

As human beings, we are an amazing manifestation of our Creator. We have full abilities to function in this human body and use it as the vehicle to explore and experience physical life here on Earth. We’re also the powerhouse of our very existence which is the Soul. We are energy beings who have no limitations. We can achieve and be whoever we want as long as we keep our vibrations high. Due to these God abilities, we can also manifest the lowest on earth if we’re feeding and functioning in lower vibrations. With a healthy mind and awareness of who we truly are (more Soul than human) we position ourselves to play the game of life on our terms.

Earth is where we gain knowledge & experiences which prepares us for our continued journey after physical death

Lastly, we’re here on earth at this time for great reasons. We’re here to become aware of who we truly are so we can continue to create the life we desire. We’re here to use our gifts, talents, personalities & overall presence to enjoy life while being a blessing to the world. We are here to gain the knowledge and experiences our Higher Self (our pure soul) requests from us to fulfill our mission here on earth.

Death is simply the ending of the physical 3-dimensional realm and beginning or continuation of the Spirit world which welcomes us with open arms. We are not here in vain. We continue on after this life on purpose with purpose. Still not convinced? I’m gonna leave you with this…

Peace & Love ♥️

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I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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