Why Healthy Foods Tastes Less Appealing Than Unhealthy Junk?

Happy Halloween!

Most of us may or may not know the answer to this question. I want to remind you of what healthy food is versus foods that are marketed as “healthy.” I’m not not a Scientist nor Physician. I have researched, studied herbalism and tried different natural remedies for years to improve my own health. I have been successful when it comes to listening to my body and paying attention to it (my temple). I remember when real foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs were safe on the markets. The foods I ate as a child can not compare to the complexity of so called foods we eat today. With my recent trips to the grocery stores, our foods are changing on a daily basis and its plain scary.

I remember about 5 years ago when we resided in Las Vegas, I would shop at once of three grocery stores. Smiths, Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods. I remember seeing “cotton candy” grapes at Smiths for the first time. 5 years ago, I was bothered to see grapes marketed as an enhanced sweet treat. Most grapes are naturally sweet. I also remember seeing Bananas double the normal size being sold at Sprouts Farmers Markets. Most people shop these foods without thinking twice. Some see an increase in size or foods marketed as sweet as a good thing when it is in fact the opposite.

Cotton Candy grapes is just another way to put more sugar in our delicate systems. Sugar taste delicious, but it is not safe to consume continuously on a daily or every meal basis. Have you read my post The Sneaky Names of Sugar and How Much We Should Consume Daily? You can read it here. These food distribution companies have found many ways to get us addicted which effects our behavior, hormones, overall way of thinking/making decisions and open gateways that compromises our health.

We have so many foods that are tampered with sweetness, if we taste it or not. Why would we need more sweetness in foods that actually heal us? Plus, I can guess that the very companies making these food do not consume them. For instance, think of Steve Jobs. He rarely used Apple products even though they were a part of his creation and legacy. These products have a strong impact on our world today regardless of the hamful effects we all know they cause to the human body.

So why healthy foods taste less appealing?

We have been conditioned to eat fake foods that are not good for us. Since we live in a fast paced world where everything is delivered fast and conveniently, taste matters over everything. With the right amount of sugar, salt, cheese and/or deep fried deliciousness, companies can be very lucrative. So if most people today sat down and made a home cooked meal from scratch using nothing, but authentic herbs for flavor it would taste great, but is still foreign territory. Most wouldn’t feel comfortable making quality time to prepare such a meal. This even comes to a simple home cooked three-course meal. Baked chicken, wild rice and a side of green beans is considered too healthy for some people to eat. This meal wouldn’t be appealing enough unless the baked chicken was smothered in gravy or some form of sauce, the rice was white versus the only authentic rice I mentioned, green beans without butter, salt and pepper just doesn’t taste good to many people. We live in a world where taste rules. Yes, taste is important, but there are many healthy ways to create food with phenomenal taste that is actually healthy. Its just not marketed as it is considered unpopular, and is completely against the agenda of the modern day captivity.

Remember, all these unhealthy foods have been tested. This is why they are linked to our hormones, physical capabilities and behavior patterns. This is why it is easy to get addicted to a pizza brand or dill Kettle’s dill pickle chips like I was in the past. Our bodies are naturally designed to fight off everything that doesn’t mean us well even unhealthy foods. However, when the mind is tricked into thinking something is good for us when it is not, this is simply an invasion. Once the invasion happens, it is very difficult to fight the addiction. Did you know sugar is a stronger addiction than the Cocaine? Usually when we catch on, it is too late. Take action to enjoy what you like, but have the will power to remember your health is one the most important keys of your vehicle to experience physical life.

How to make healthier food choices?

Healthier eating choices includes making a lifestyle change. I’m not saying we can’t enjoy sweet, salty, deep fried or cheesy foods. I’m saying that these foods should be treated casual and not a normal, everyday way of life. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years.

Shop on the outskirts of the grocery stores

I learned this from my sons’ Pediatrician years ago. Around 2008, many young children were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Our Pediatrician explained this to me while my sons were in for their wellness visit. She was asking all of these questions about their diet. She was happy with how attentive I was to my sons’ health, and their food choices as I was young mother. She explained the importance of shopping on the outskirts of the stores as much as possible. Outskirts would be where all the fresh foods were versus the canned and packaged foods which were preserved with additional chemicals. These areas would include produce, meat counters, dairy/juice/eggs, the bakery, etc. She asked me to shop in the center aisles as little as possible, because these foods were causing more harm than good especially in children.

Stores have changed so much since 2008. Remember to shop for fresh foods. Stay away from frozen and packaged foods with longer expiration dates.

If you are shopping for produce, stay away from catchy names

As I’ve been going through the produce department of different stores, mainly big chained companies like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etcetera, vegetables, fruits and herbs that have cool names are usually linked to being genetically modified or hybrid foods. This means the foods aren’t even real food and have been manipulated to create a “food.” Or these foods have been crossed with other food. Going for the simplicity of names when shopping for foods instead of catchy, extravogant names is one way of avoiding junk or fake foods.

Make sure your foods expire at a reasonable time.

Produce that last longer than one week without your personal intervention is a red flag. This is a clear sign that there is preservatives or other chemicals in the foods. I’ve seen this recently shopping at Amazon Fresh. Our produce items like nectarines, parley and cilantro were still good in the fridge way past their expected expiration time. They looked new and was a clear sign of unhealthy foods. In result, I will not shop here for my produce again. Fresh doesn’t mean “pretty or long lasting.” Save your money and make wiser choices for food.

One thing I’ve grown to be passionate about is the food I buy for my family. We no longer live in a world where people care about our well being. Our very health is linked to big brand’s wallets and bank accounts. We have to seek authentic resources and put our health back into our own hands.

I wish you excellent wellness! Sending love, light and peace your way. 🙂

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