Your Uniqueness Is All You Have (Kick Old School Nonsense To The Curb)

I’ve been speaking about separation on this blog lately for good reasons. I want to share with those who would listen that separation doesn’t exist. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, we are all one. We have been following rules of our world that has always led us down the road to pure destruction. Once again, we are here! Its time for change now more than ever before.

I like to think of how amazing our Creator is when creating every single life form on planet earth. The Divine didn’t create so much diversity throughout our world for us to deny who we are. Many souls are lost & are out balance, because the world we live in has tried to “fix” how people should live their lives. Think of how amazing life would be with a basic set of laws. Within these basic laws, imagine all life forms just being who they are, naturally. That may be hard to imagine when laws are created with corruption in mind.

Life is so beautiful! Have you ever showed gratitude to the Creator for making you so awesome? Have you ever looked at other individuals of all sizes/colors and said, wow they are amazing?! If not, I understand that showing gratitude & honoring the differences of others can be challenging.

Humans have found ways to condition one another to believe the uniqueness we all share shouldn’t be accepted. Its so bad where people are judged with a fine tooth comb over simple things they can’t control. Instead of embracing the different flavors we all possess from the physical to the soul itself, there are select individuals and/or entities who have made it okay to keep chaos flowing in our world. People have become so content with jealousy of the next person’s uniqueness that it has become normal to accept these behaviors. These ways have been hidden through terms like racism, terrorism, sexism, discrimination, hate crimes, etc. Some individuals even find it necessary to hide behind religions to express their evil ways.

What makes it even worse is the ideal ways that we must follow one’s philosophy, or read the bible/books to understand what life is about. Now as intelligent as humans are, why would we be the only species on planet earth who need to follow a set of rules? This would be okay if the bibles, books and philosophy was for the betterment of human kind. Many of these ways humans has been taught to follow were created out of fear. The strongest emotions are love and fear. The bible itself is split into these two emotions, but most times we are taught to live in fear. Fear literally is the first step to self destruction. If God loves us so much, gives our souls strong human bodies to inhabit while on earth, and wants us to live wonderfully why have us live afraid, tell us we’re sinners and set our doom from the time we’re born into this world? This sound like the a hidden agenda another human with power has set in place. This has nothing to do with our Creator.

So many live their lives based on the upbringing of their parents through the conditioning of others. When it comes to the basics of being safe and being a great human being these are great parenting skills. However, many teach fear, jealousy, favoritism, hatred and so on. Some parents exercise their power by forced arranged marriages and others are providing surgical gender changes at young ages. Really? As adults, very few think to challenge these ways they were taught as children, and words someone else written down and decided to make law. Many live in fear being angry at the world, because their uniqueness is unaccepted. My question to you is when will you love all of you and pour that love over to others?

Living in a list of rules where the way someone look is acceptable simply is unacceptable. Living in a world of chaos that says a free thinkers are a threat is unacceptable. Living in a world where humans control our very being when we are all imperfectly amazing in God’s eyes is unacceptable.

When will you stop giving an eff about how another man or woman feels about you? When will you start being the magnificent soul you were created to be? Most importantly, when will you start allowing your children to live in their authenticity with unnecessary interference? Its time for change in this world where we are losing ourselves for others personal gain.

Peace & Blessing ♥️

Published by thetonymama

I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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