Why You Should Stop Tarot Readings (Here’s My Personal Story)

This post is contrary to everything I used to believe. I was a Tarot & Oracle Card Reader for close to two years. As God helped ascend through my spiritual awakening, I’ve learned so much about what creates a good path for a person versus a not so good path. I pray this post opens the eyes and ears of those who seek proper understanding.♥️

God has put this on my heart to write this post. I will discuss my thoughts on tarot readings based on my own personal journey. I hope it helps someone who has been thinking about becoming a tarot card reader or someone who seeks to receive guidance on the future events in their life.

The summer of 2020 I received my first psychic reading. I wanted to know what was best for me, because I was tired of making the same mistakes continuously. I gave people many chances even when the red flags were hitting me dead in the face. I would be going on what felt like the right path until I decide to make one decision that cost me a big deal in a negative way. I felt tarot readings would give me a heads up on my life so I could make better choices in the future.

The Reader I saw was actually a beauty client of mine. When I came to her for a reading, she was curious to why I needed her assistance. She stated I was literally just as Psychic as her & could do my own readings accurately if I gave it a try. I was terrified when she said this. I continued to receive readings from her. I didn’t attempt to do my own readings until months later. I continued to receive readings from her until we stopped seeing eye to eye. One thing I learned about the world of Psychics is if someone refers to themselves as a witch its best to stay far away from them. From my experience, they do not play fair & have evil ways no matter how the “new age” see them. I’ll discuss witches in a later post.

When receiving my readings, I learned I was a twin soul (aka twin flame). In short, my twin soul and I have my youngest son together which was predicted in my first psychic reading close to one year prior to becoming pregnant. I learned of how my life was leading me down a path I never knew existed. I can honestly say I have officially found that path by becoming an Inspirational Speaker.

She never used tarot in our readings. She only used her gifts and oracle cards to foretell the future. When I started reading Tarot cards months later, I was asking questions about my future. I used oracle cards for guidance & tarot for future predictions. Here’s what I learned:

The human intuition is all that is needed to predict the future.

I’d like to use my life as an example. I began psychic readings when I wanted to learn of my future to avoid poor judgement. Tarot Readings didn’t help me along my journey. I still affiliated myself with people who didn’t mean me well. I still made choices that were not for my highest good. This was also the case due to my twin soul connection. God created twin souls to raise the vibrations on the planet, literally. This simply means twin souls test one another in some of the most painful ways. This pushes twins to grow, experience their own unique spiritual awakening, and use their gifts/experiences to bring awareness to the world. My twin soul tested me by abandoning me after I became pregnant with our son. His ultimatum was get an abortion or “have a good life.” I chose to have a good life, because I couldn’t bare murdering my own child especially after losing a child years prior. Expect me to dive deep into this.

Since I have accepted my soul mission set by God I use my intuition, common sense, I no longer avoid red flags, and pay close attention to the universal signs I receive from God. Our higher self (soul), which is piece of God who is always with us, knows the details of our lives. We don’t need to search for the answers as there are always signs that God and our guardian angels are sending to us at the most critical times in our lives. These signs can come with something so simple as a white feather, to repeating angel numbers (222), to number like 47. If you are seeing numbers multiple times a day for days, weeks or months straight God and your Guardian Angels are trying to tell you something important.

Tarot was created with negative intentions in mind.

Being a Tarot Reader, I’ve learned you can dig really deep into someone’s life or a situation. This isn’t of God. We came to earth to experience life, live in the moment and receive proper guidance when needed through prayer. Tarot goes as deep as the rabbit hole goes. If you’re not careful, its very possible to open yourself up to demonic guidance as demons feed off of our addictions, fears & low vibrations.

If we’re spending so much time trying to find out about others and dig into our futures, we can never enjoy the present moment. The present moment is the only moment that matters as none of us are promised tomorrow.

Love yourself enough to live your life in the now moment.

When receiving tarot readings, it is too easy to live in the past & future. The rules of tarot were designed to be set on stone. This means you can only play the game of Tarot how it was originally designed thousands of years ago. This is to know where you’ve been, where you are now and the outcome of the future. Some believe the future can change due to our own free will. From my experience, I believe fate has a huge part to do with it. I believe in free will, but believe fate is stronger as God controls all.

We can use our freewill to keep going against the grain as we know the outcome via tarot. The reality is we can try to avoid something we don’t want to do for long enough until fate kicks in and takes over.My life has shown this to me first hand. I would have never thought God would have chosen me for the path I am walking today. Who would’ve thought this was possible?

Receive guidance oracle card readings instead of tarot card readings.

Oracle card readings can be used for guidance in the present moment to assist you with embracing a past choice or move you to make a new choice. Oracle card readings can give confirmation to a situation. Many oracle cards are created with pure love, healing and divine guidance in mind. These are the best ways to receive readings. It is easy to get the proper guidance you need so you can feel confident getting back to your life happily. When tarot is used, it goes deep into the situation. In most cases, this is not necessary. Oracle cards help you focus on the possible outcome through love and doing the necessary work to achieve your goals. You wouldn’t have to worry about events coming to past. This is so common in tarot.

Know God’s grace is real & can assist you with every area of your life.

When I started psychic readings, I began taking the thrill of surprise out of my life. It doesn’t help being psychic where I already have a clue of what is going on. It feels so good to focus on my every day tasks, enjoying the present moment I can still plan for the future knowing my power and God’s grace is present in my life.

God’s grace makes all the difference. I’ve learned that God can and will forgive us for making poor choices if we ask and thank God for forgiveness in advance.

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I help others awaken the greatness they already possess through self healing.

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