2 Powerful Facts to Remember about Intrusive Thoughts & How to Get Rid of Them

Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informative purposes only. If you are having intrusive thoughts of harming yourself or others seek medical attention immediately.

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“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.”

I chose to use this quote because many have been led to believe that the Devil doesn’t exist. I used to believe that we create our own demons. I still feel we do to some extent, but falling angels are real, and fulfilling their mission: deceive the living, provoke harm, hatred, divide nations, etc. After a displeasing ten years in a Hebrew Israelite faith that is known worldwide, I made the choice to step away from all religions (non-denomination included) and live a more spiritual life.

I was comfortable in my spiritual beliefs. My vibrations were high, I spent time meditating, learned how to control my thoughts (which many believe is impossible), ate little to no meat and spent a lot of time in nature. One thing I’ve learned is you can not stay in a positive state of mind when you are surrounded by negative energy. Our society has been transformed into a very low vibrational state. When citizens around the world were “forced” to live in fear, quarantine, and immunizations due to political views, this was more of a reason to divide us all. Satan’s plan to divide and conquer has been working like a charm for a long time now. 2020 was just the beginning of this madness unless people snap out of it and wake up now.

We are led to believe everything is a medical illness. I’m here to tell you from my experience using my gifts, I know this is far from the truth. Here’s how I will explain intrusive thoughts:

#1 We are spiritual beings. Here’s a story on instant manifestation with my thoughts when I was pregnant with my youngest son.

I had an astral projection experience that I could consciously remember for the first time in my life. It was in the middle of the night. I do not remember the exact time. I noticed I was left my body. I was completely freaked out! I remember my bedroom being of a hue of dark blue, like many describe in astral projection experiences. I remember sitting on the bed looking over at my sleeping body. I didn’t have a mouth nor nose. I only had eyes, and the image of my body without being pregnant.

I thought I possibly died in my sleep! I remember thinking, I want to go back to my body NOW. At that very instant, my soul went back into my body and I woke up. Instantly! I wasn’t in shock or anything. When this happened, I was clearly reminded of what is means to be a spiritual being. Spiritual beings have instant manifestations. Where we think we go. What we want, we get. So, when it comes to intrusive thoughts, we are projecting these thoughts out into the world both spiritually and while we occupy our physical bodies. Thoughts are just manifestations. This is why it is beyond important to manage your thoughts. I don’t care how challenging you feel this task may be. Manage your thoughts as you are manifesting the conscious and subconscious of your thoughts into some form of your reality.

#2 Spiritual beings are aware of what you think, because your thoughts equal spirit manifestation.

This is so important. When people have gross, deceiving, and unthinkable intrusive thoughts, they believe it is their mind creating these thoughts. Some even blame themselves for thinking such horrific thoughts. I am here to remind you that you are a spiritual being. This simply means other spiritual beings are receiving the thoughts you are projecting out into the world. So if you are in a great mental state, guess what? A demon can try to tempt, provoke or make you curious about something negative. If you are in a low mental state and your thoughts are negative, demons will throw little nothings in your ear to make you overthink negatively, feel even worse about yourself or the situation and can even make someone contemplate suicide. This is why some people have taken their own lives.

Despite what we have been led to believe, we are spiritual beings. Other spiritual beings exists as well. Some are the low & inferior like demons. Others are visiting from other places. The faster we start to accept we have been lied to about what really exist and what does not exist, we can shift our vibrations, protect our very own existence, and reach a higher consciousness in the world. This can not happen if we are still believing we are only 3D beings, and material possessions are more valuable than the priceless wonders in life.

Here’s how to counter intrusive thoughts:

Counter intrusive thoughts by saying, “this are not my thoughts. I release these negative thoughts to you Lord in Jesus name, Amen.

Use reverse psychology or confirmation affirmations. Depending on the severity of the thought, try this. For example, if something is trying to wish illness over you, say “I AM so ecstatic for my great health!” Or if something is trying to make you feel like your health is worse than it may be, understand the enemy’s job is to deceive you. If evil can convince you that you are sick, there’s only a matter of time before this manifestation comes true. Counter these kind of thoughts with, “my heart is healthy and strong!”, and “God, I thank you in advance for the strong body I am building!” Say these affirmations with strong feelings behind it. Claim it now! Demons hate this with a passion. Understand and affirm no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Final Thoughts

I want to make it clear that there are cases out there where people hear thoughts that have nothing to do with the outside world. The point I want to make here is there is far more that exists beyond the matrix that has been pulled over our eyes. We are in a spiritual battle if we want to accept it or not. Please share this post with someone you love and care about.

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