What You Need To Know About Demons & How To Get Rid Of Them For Good (Part 1)

This is part 1 of 2 of this posts on demons. I pray this information serves you well. 🙂

Low vibrational entities, or demons are considered something many don’t discuss outside of religion or entertainment. Entertainment has made it okay for humans to look up to demons in a good way. We can choose our favorite demon characters, compare them to us and so forth. I’m about to share facts about demons with you. The information I share in this post is from my own research, using my gifts communicating with spiritual beings, my unique spiritual journey and a spiritual point of view.

Do you believe demons walk among us? Do they really go around trying to corrupt us? Do demons have all this power and were rebels against God? I have had my fair share of communicating with these low vibrational entities. I can tell you now that most of what we hear about them isn’t real. I want to use this post to shed some light on the topic. If you find it informative, please share with those who can benefit from it.

#1 Our Creator/Source/God or whatever title you give your higher power created two spectrums of itself: love and fear.

There is only love and fear. Everything we call good or evil, right or wrong, up or down can fall under one of these two categories. If god created beautiful angels that protects us, supports us, guides us and loves us unconditionally this means God created the exact opposite. The opposite is demons. Their duty is to do the complete opposite of our loving angels. They will harm us, mislead us, deceive us and hate us unconditionally. Recently, I was walking down the street with Kai (my baby boy) in his stroller. This elder lady walked by and randomly said, “Angels love babies.” I smiled and kept walking when I had an epiphany. If angels love babies and protect them, demons hate babies and intend on bringing them harm. This is where a portion of infant mortality comes from (SIDS, infant illnesses, etc.) I’ll give more info on this soon as I will dedicate an entire section of this blog to what parents should know about the spiritual world and their babies.

Based on Christianity, we have been led to believe demons were kicked out of Heaven. God created angels and these low vibrational demons. These demons are not falling angels. They were sent down here to Earth intentionally. There is no spiritual war between good and evil. The only exception is how humans have been under these negative influences willingly or unwillingly for greed and power. Many humans are under demonic influence and are unaware of it. Demons are a part of God’s creation and share this existence like us. God loves demons like every other creature that it created ( I say, “it,” because God created male/female in our creation. We live in a patriarchy world that says everything is man-like including God. This isn’t the truth. I will discuss this in a later post). Remember, demons are here for a reason.

#2 Demons are here to teach us valuable lessons.

God created demons to teach us how to live our lives in the highest vibrations possible. My favorite movie genre used to be Horror. For some reason, I liked possession movies the most. Little did I know God had a plan for me to teach people about the “supernatural” through my personal experiences and gifts 😊. Demons are not here to haunt us unless they are teaching us a valuable lesson. From my own personal experience, demons have been in my life since I was a child. When a home is full of negativity like alcoholism, abuse, sexual abuse, infidelity, lies, jealousy, depression, suicidal thoughts, pride, anger, filth, violence, lust, laziness/sloth energy and the list goes on I can guarantee you there are demons present. You may not be able to feel and communicate with them like I can, but the energy in your environment is present if you face these situations.

Demons are here to teach us how to get our ish together so we can live our lives the way God intended for us to. We came to Earth as human beings to experience it. To use our high energy, talents, and spiritual abilities to make a huge difference in the world. We didn’t come here to worry, stress, settle for less than our highest good, be in an anxious state of mind, be stuck in routines that drains us dry… you get my point.

#3 Demons teaches us to live in positivity, because they can only offer the opposite.

Since I was a teen, I encountered spiritual attacks. Thinking back on those times, I was living in a very low state of mind. I lived in a tremendous amount of fear. I was always angry about something. My worries and adversities became entertainment to those I no longer call friends. I wasn’t healed from the trauma I experienced in my childhood nor in my teen years. I dragged this baggage into my young adult life. Living this way opened me up to spiritual attacks. One attack almost claimed my life. As I prayed and made progress towards a happier life by raising my vibrations, I no longer experienced those attacks.

Demons were created under the fear spectrum. If we are in a negative state for an extended period of time, we invite these demons in our lives. We can only counter their attacks with positive energy. People believe in exorcisms to ward off demons from someone’s home or their physical being. The truth is you can’t take a “put on the armor of God to fight the Devil” approach (which is still negative) and expect to rid demons from an environment permanently. We have to love ourselves unconditionally and live our best lives to release demons from our existence.

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