What You Need To Know About Demons & How To Get Rid Of Them For Good (Part 1)

This is part 1 of 2 of this posts on demons. I pray this information serves you well. 🙂

Low vibrational entities, or demons are considered something many don’t discuss outside of religion or entertainment. Entertainment has made it okay for humans to look up to demons in a good way. We can choose our favorite demon characters, compare them to us and so forth. I’m about to share facts about demons with you. The information I share in this post is from my own research, using my gifts communicating with spiritual beings, my unique spiritual journey and a spiritual point of view.

Do you believe demons walk among us? Do they really go around trying to corrupt us? Do demons have all this power and were rebels against God? I have had my fair share of communicating with these low vibrational entities. I can tell you now that most of what we hear about them isn’t real. I want to use this post to shed some light on the topic. If you find it informative, please share with those who can benefit from it.

#1 Our Creator/Source/God or whatever title you give your higher power created two spectrums of itself: love and fear.

There is only love and fear. Everything we call good or evil, right or wrong, up or down can fall under one of these two categories. If god created beautiful angels that protects us, supports us, guides us and loves us unconditionally this means God created the exact opposite. The opposite is demons. Their duty is to do the complete opposite of our loving angels. They will harm us, mislead us, deceive us and hate us unconditionally. Recently, I was walking down the street with Kai (my baby boy) in his stroller. This elder lady walked by and randomly said, “Angels love babies.” I smiled and kept walking when I had an epiphany. If angels love babies and protect them, demons hate babies and intend on bringing them harm. This is where a portion of infant mortality comes from (SIDS, infant illnesses, etc.) I’ll give more info on this soon as I will dedicate an entire section of this blog to what parents should know about the spiritual world and their babies.

Based on Christianity, we have been led to believe demons were kicked out of Heaven. God created angels and these low vibrational demons. These demons are not falling angels. They were sent down here to Earth intentionally. There is no spiritual war between good and evil. The only exception is how humans have been under these negative influences willingly or unwillingly for greed and power. Many humans are under demonic influence and are unaware of it. Demons are a part of God’s creation and share this existence like us. God loves demons like every other creature that it created ( I say, “it,” because God created male/female in our creation. We live in a patriarchy world that says everything is man-like including God. This isn’t the truth. I will discuss this in a later post). Remember, demons are here for a reason.

#2 Demons are here to teach us valuable lessons.

God created demons to teach us how to live our lives in the highest vibrations possible. My favorite movie genre used to be Horror. For some reason, I liked possession movies the most. Little did I know God had a plan for me to teach people about the “supernatural” through my personal experiences and gifts 😊. Demons are not here to haunt us unless they are teaching us a valuable lesson. From my own personal experience, demons have been in my life since I was a child. When a home is full of negativity like alcoholism, abuse, sexual abuse, infidelity, lies, jealousy, depression, suicidal thoughts, pride, anger, filth, violence, lust, laziness/sloth energy and the list goes on I can guarantee you there are demons present. You may not be able to feel and communicate with them like I can, but the energy in your environment is present if you face these situations.

Demons are here to teach us how to get our ish together so we can live our lives the way God intended for us to. We came to Earth as human beings to experience it. To use our high energy, talents, and spiritual abilities to make a huge difference in the world. We didn’t come here to worry, stress, settle for less than our highest good, be in an anxious state of mind, be stuck in routines that drains us dry… you get my point.

#3 Demons teaches us to live in positivity, because they can only offer the opposite.

Since I was a teen, I encountered spiritual attacks. Thinking back on those times, I was living in a very low state of mind. I lived in a tremendous amount of fear. I was always angry about something. My worries and adversities became entertainment to those I no longer call friends. I wasn’t healed from the trauma I experienced in my childhood nor in my teen years. I dragged this baggage into my young adult life. Living this way opened me up to spiritual attacks. One attack almost claimed my life. As I prayed and made progress towards a happier life by raising my vibrations, I no longer experienced those attacks.

Demons were created under the fear spectrum. If we are in a negative state for an extended period of time, we invite these demons in our lives. We can only counter their attacks with positive energy. People believe in exorcisms to ward off demons from someone’s home or their physical being. The truth is you can’t take a “put on the armor of God to fight the Devil” approach (which is still negative) and expect to rid demons from an environment permanently. We have to love ourselves unconditionally and live our best lives to release demons from our existence.

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2 Powerful Facts to Remember about Intrusive Thoughts & How to Get Rid of Them

Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informative purposes only. If you are having intrusive thoughts of harming yourself or others seek medical attention immediately.

Photo by Ba Tik on Pexels.com

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.”

I chose to use this quote because many have been led to believe that the Devil doesn’t exist. I used to believe that we create our own demons. I still feel we do to some extent, but falling angels are real, and fulfilling their mission: deceive the living, provoke harm, hatred, divide nations, etc. After a displeasing ten years in a Hebrew Israelite faith that is known worldwide, I made the choice to step away from all religions (non-denomination included) and live a more spiritual life.

I was comfortable in my spiritual beliefs. My vibrations were high, I spent time meditating, learned how to control my thoughts (which many believe is impossible), ate little to no meat and spent a lot of time in nature. One thing I’ve learned is you can not stay in a positive state of mind when you are surrounded by negative energy. Our society has been transformed into a very low vibrational state. When citizens around the world were “forced” to live in fear, quarantine, and immunizations due to political views, this was more of a reason to divide us all. Satan’s plan to divide and conquer has been working like a charm for a long time now. 2020 was just the beginning of this madness unless people snap out of it and wake up now.

We are led to believe everything is a medical illness. I’m here to tell you from my experience using my gifts, I know this is far from the truth. Here’s how I will explain intrusive thoughts:

#1 We are spiritual beings. Here’s a story on instant manifestation with my thoughts when I was pregnant with my youngest son.

I had an astral projection experience that I could consciously remember for the first time in my life. It was in the middle of the night. I do not remember the exact time. I noticed I was left my body. I was completely freaked out! I remember my bedroom being of a hue of dark blue, like many describe in astral projection experiences. I remember sitting on the bed looking over at my sleeping body. I didn’t have a mouth nor nose. I only had eyes, and the image of my body without being pregnant.

I thought I possibly died in my sleep! I remember thinking, I want to go back to my body NOW. At that very instant, my soul went back into my body and I woke up. Instantly! I wasn’t in shock or anything. When this happened, I was clearly reminded of what is means to be a spiritual being. Spiritual beings have instant manifestations. Where we think we go. What we want, we get. So, when it comes to intrusive thoughts, we are projecting these thoughts out into the world both spiritually and while we occupy our physical bodies. Thoughts are just manifestations. This is why it is beyond important to manage your thoughts. I don’t care how challenging you feel this task may be. Manage your thoughts as you are manifesting the conscious and subconscious of your thoughts into some form of your reality.

#2 Spiritual beings are aware of what you think, because your thoughts equal spirit manifestation.

This is so important. When people have gross, deceiving, and unthinkable intrusive thoughts, they believe it is their mind creating these thoughts. Some even blame themselves for thinking such horrific thoughts. I am here to remind you that you are a spiritual being. This simply means other spiritual beings are receiving the thoughts you are projecting out into the world. So if you are in a great mental state, guess what? A demon can try to tempt, provoke or make you curious about something negative. If you are in a low mental state and your thoughts are negative, demons will throw little nothings in your ear to make you overthink negatively, feel even worse about yourself or the situation and can even make someone contemplate suicide. This is why some people have taken their own lives.

Despite what we have been led to believe, we are spiritual beings. Other spiritual beings exists as well. Some are the low & inferior like demons. Others are visiting from other places. The faster we start to accept we have been lied to about what really exist and what does not exist, we can shift our vibrations, protect our very own existence, and reach a higher consciousness in the world. This can not happen if we are still believing we are only 3D beings, and material possessions are more valuable than the priceless wonders in life.

Here’s how to counter intrusive thoughts:

Counter intrusive thoughts by saying, “this are not my thoughts. I release these negative thoughts to you Lord in Jesus name, Amen.

Use reverse psychology or confirmation affirmations. Depending on the severity of the thought, try this. For example, if something is trying to wish illness over you, say “I AM so ecstatic for my great health!” Or if something is trying to make you feel like your health is worse than it may be, understand the enemy’s job is to deceive you. If evil can convince you that you are sick, there’s only a matter of time before this manifestation comes true. Counter these kind of thoughts with, “my heart is healthy and strong!”, and “God, I thank you in advance for the strong body I am building!” Say these affirmations with strong feelings behind it. Claim it now! Demons hate this with a passion. Understand and affirm no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Final Thoughts

I want to make it clear that there are cases out there where people hear thoughts that have nothing to do with the outside world. The point I want to make here is there is far more that exists beyond the matrix that has been pulled over our eyes. We are in a spiritual battle if we want to accept it or not. Please share this post with someone you love and care about.

Why You Should Stop Tarot Readings (Here’s My Personal Story)

This post is contrary to everything I used to believe. I was a Tarot & Oracle Card Reader for close to two years. As God helped ascend through my spiritual awakening, I’ve learned so much about what creates a good path for a person versus a not so good path. I pray this post opens the eyes and ears of those who seek proper understanding.♥️

God has put this on my heart to write this post. I will discuss my thoughts on tarot readings based on my own personal journey. I hope it helps someone who has been thinking about becoming a tarot card reader or someone who seeks to receive guidance on the future events in their life.

The summer of 2020 I received my first psychic reading. I wanted to know what was best for me, because I was tired of making the same mistakes continuously. I gave people many chances even when the red flags were hitting me dead in the face. I would be going on what felt like the right path until I decide to make one decision that cost me a big deal in a negative way. I felt tarot readings would give me a heads up on my life so I could make better choices in the future.

The Reader I saw was actually a beauty client of mine. When I came to her for a reading, she was curious to why I needed her assistance. She stated I was literally just as Psychic as her & could do my own readings accurately if I gave it a try. I was terrified when she said this. I continued to receive readings from her. I didn’t attempt to do my own readings until months later. I continued to receive readings from her until we stopped seeing eye to eye. One thing I learned about the world of Psychics is if someone refers to themselves as a witch its best to stay far away from them. From my experience, they do not play fair & have evil ways no matter how the “new age” see them. I’ll discuss witches in a later post.

When receiving my readings, I learned I was a twin soul (aka twin flame). In short, my twin soul and I have my youngest son together which was predicted in my first psychic reading close to one year prior to becoming pregnant. I learned of how my life was leading me down a path I never knew existed. I can honestly say I have officially found that path by becoming an Inspirational Speaker.

She never used tarot in our readings. She only used her gifts and oracle cards to foretell the future. When I started reading Tarot cards months later, I was asking questions about my future. I used oracle cards for guidance & tarot for future predictions. Here’s what I learned:

The human intuition is all that is needed to predict the future.

I’d like to use my life as an example. I began psychic readings when I wanted to learn of my future to avoid poor judgement. Tarot Readings didn’t help me along my journey. I still affiliated myself with people who didn’t mean me well. I still made choices that were not for my highest good. This was also the case due to my twin soul connection. God created twin souls to raise the vibrations on the planet, literally. This simply means twin souls test one another in some of the most painful ways. This pushes twins to grow, experience their own unique spiritual awakening, and use their gifts/experiences to bring awareness to the world. My twin soul tested me by abandoning me after I became pregnant with our son. His ultimatum was get an abortion or “have a good life.” I chose to have a good life, because I couldn’t bare murdering my own child especially after losing a child years prior. Expect me to dive deep into this.

Since I have accepted my soul mission set by God I use my intuition, common sense, I no longer avoid red flags, and pay close attention to the universal signs I receive from God. Our higher self (soul), which is piece of God who is always with us, knows the details of our lives. We don’t need to search for the answers as there are always signs that God and our guardian angels are sending to us at the most critical times in our lives. These signs can come with something so simple as a white feather, to repeating angel numbers (222), to number like 47. If you are seeing numbers multiple times a day for days, weeks or months straight God and your Guardian Angels are trying to tell you something important.

Tarot was created with negative intentions in mind.

Being a Tarot Reader, I’ve learned you can dig really deep into someone’s life or a situation. This isn’t of God. We came to earth to experience life, live in the moment and receive proper guidance when needed through prayer. Tarot goes as deep as the rabbit hole goes. If you’re not careful, its very possible to open yourself up to demonic guidance as demons feed off of our addictions, fears & low vibrations.

If we’re spending so much time trying to find out about others and dig into our futures, we can never enjoy the present moment. The present moment is the only moment that matters as none of us are promised tomorrow.

Love yourself enough to live your life in the now moment.

When receiving tarot readings, it is too easy to live in the past & future. The rules of tarot were designed to be set on stone. This means you can only play the game of Tarot how it was originally designed thousands of years ago. This is to know where you’ve been, where you are now and the outcome of the future. Some believe the future can change due to our own free will. From my experience, I believe fate has a huge part to do with it. I believe in free will, but believe fate is stronger as God controls all.

We can use our freewill to keep going against the grain as we know the outcome via tarot. The reality is we can try to avoid something we don’t want to do for long enough until fate kicks in and takes over.My life has shown this to me first hand. I would have never thought God would have chosen me for the path I am walking today. Who would’ve thought this was possible?

Receive guidance oracle card readings instead of tarot card readings.

Oracle card readings can be used for guidance in the present moment to assist you with embracing a past choice or move you to make a new choice. Oracle card readings can give confirmation to a situation. Many oracle cards are created with pure love, healing and divine guidance in mind. These are the best ways to receive readings. It is easy to get the proper guidance you need so you can feel confident getting back to your life happily. When tarot is used, it goes deep into the situation. In most cases, this is not necessary. Oracle cards help you focus on the possible outcome through love and doing the necessary work to achieve your goals. You wouldn’t have to worry about events coming to past. This is so common in tarot.

Know God’s grace is real & can assist you with every area of your life.

When I started psychic readings, I began taking the thrill of surprise out of my life. It doesn’t help being psychic where I already have a clue of what is going on. It feels so good to focus on my every day tasks, enjoying the present moment I can still plan for the future knowing my power and God’s grace is present in my life.

God’s grace makes all the difference. I’ve learned that God can and will forgive us for making poor choices if we ask and thank God for forgiveness in advance.

Have You Heard About The King Of All Herbs? It’s Ganoderma

Despite what many might believe, there are herbs that have specific benefits while there are herbs that can treat or cure just about anything. When I speak of the herb that has the ability to cure or treat illnesses in the body, I am specifically talking about one specific herb. The King of all Herbs is the Reishi Ganoderma Lucidum. It’s a mushroom that has been enhancing lives for over 4,000 years.

This herb is originally from China. It was known to only be used to treat or cure illnesses in the royal families. Fortunately, today Ganoderma can be bought globally. The first time I came into contact with Ganoderma was ten years ago when I was an Indpendent distributor for Organo Gold (now known as Organo). This herb was infused in all of their products. Organo was known for their amazing coffee and tea products. While selling these products, I lost weight effortlessly. The sinus pain and pressure I experience the beginning of every season no longer existed. Customers would tell me their stories of how consuming the coffee or tea infused with this mushroom took away headaches and migraines. Some customers would even share how they had better sleep. This herb has been changing lives for many, many years!

Here are some way the King of all Herbs have been used

Image source: https://www.seaystanford.com/blog/reishi-mushroom-benefits

If you’re interested in purchasing the Ganoderma infused tea I drink, you can purchase your tea by clicking the Traditional Medicinals box below. This Tea is infused with Ganoderma, Rooibos (another great herb) and orange peels. Its has a mild flavor you can enjoy, especially on a cold winter day.

If you have ever used this herb, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Until next time!

Your Uniqueness Is All You Have (Kick Old School Nonsense To The Curb)

I’ve been speaking about separation on this blog lately for good reasons. I want to share with those who would listen that separation doesn’t exist. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, we are all one. We have been following rules of our world that has always led us down the road to pure destruction. Once again, we are here! Its time for change now more than ever before.

I like to think of how amazing our Creator is when creating every single life form on planet earth. The Divine didn’t create so much diversity throughout our world for us to deny who we are. Many souls are lost & are out balance, because the world we live in has tried to “fix” how people should live their lives. Think of how amazing life would be with a basic set of laws. Within these basic laws, imagine all life forms just being who they are, naturally. That may be hard to imagine when laws are created with corruption in mind.

Life is so beautiful! Have you ever showed gratitude to the Creator for making you so awesome? Have you ever looked at other individuals of all sizes/colors and said, wow they are amazing?! If not, I understand that showing gratitude & honoring the differences of others can be challenging.

Humans have found ways to condition one another to believe the uniqueness we all share shouldn’t be accepted. Its so bad where people are judged with a fine tooth comb over simple things they can’t control. Instead of embracing the different flavors we all possess from the physical to the soul itself, there are select individuals and/or entities who have made it okay to keep chaos flowing in our world. People have become so content with jealousy of the next person’s uniqueness that it has become normal to accept these behaviors. These ways have been hidden through terms like racism, terrorism, sexism, discrimination, hate crimes, etc. Some individuals even find it necessary to hide behind religions to express their evil ways.

What makes it even worse is the ideal ways that we must follow one’s philosophy, or read the bible/books to understand what life is about. Now as intelligent as humans are, why would we be the only species on planet earth who need to follow a set of rules? This would be okay if the bibles, books and philosophy was for the betterment of human kind. Many of these ways humans has been taught to follow were created out of fear. The strongest emotions are love and fear. The bible itself is split into these two emotions, but most times we are taught to live in fear. Fear literally is the first step to self destruction. If God loves us so much, gives our souls strong human bodies to inhabit while on earth, and wants us to live wonderfully why have us live afraid, tell us we’re sinners and set our doom from the time we’re born into this world? This sound like the a hidden agenda another human with power has set in place. This has nothing to do with our Creator.

So many live their lives based on the upbringing of their parents through the conditioning of others. When it comes to the basics of being safe and being a great human being these are great parenting skills. However, many teach fear, jealousy, favoritism, hatred and so on. Some parents exercise their power by forced arranged marriages and others are providing surgical gender changes at young ages. Really? As adults, very few think to challenge these ways they were taught as children, and words someone else written down and decided to make law. Many live in fear being angry at the world, because their uniqueness is unaccepted. My question to you is when will you love all of you and pour that love over to others?

Living in a list of rules where the way someone look is acceptable simply is unacceptable. Living in a world of chaos that says a free thinkers are a threat is unacceptable. Living in a world where humans control our very being when we are all imperfectly amazing in God’s eyes is unacceptable.

When will you stop giving an eff about how another man or woman feels about you? When will you start being the magnificent soul you were created to be? Most importantly, when will you start allowing your children to live in their authenticity with unnecessary interference? Its time for change in this world where we are losing ourselves for others personal gain.

Peace & Blessing ♥️

Male/Female Versus Masculine/Feminine Energy

We live in a world where we have been taught everything is physical or it needs Scientific proof to be proven as fact. Luckily, we live in times where more Scientists, Reasearchers and Archaeologist are no longer hiding truthful information about our existence. I’m about to take you to a whole notha level with this post. Those of you who know this, I highly encourage to share your knowledge with others. If you would like to learn more about life from a different point of view with facts to prove it, I highly encourage you to start with Gaia. However, don’t stop there. Get out in nature, conduct your own authentic/unbiased research and take baby steps to a live the life you want versus the life someone else has chosen for you.

Did you know masculine/feminine energy has nothing to do with male/female self? When it comes to the terms of male/female many are upset by how these roles have seemed to change over the decades. Some believe the way our food is made has a lot to do with it. Others believe people aren’t fearing God anymore and this is what’s causing the imbalance. From my own spiritual awakenings and being moved to write more about the information I know, have discovered and live by daily, this has encouraged me to enlighten others on the facts of life. What I’m about to share with you is contrary to what many, including myself have been conditioned to believe.

We’ve been taught male equals masculinity and female equals femininity. I’m here to tell you this is true in some cases, but not true for everyone. The way people are exercising their freedom of expression, is powerful and shows there is an imbalance in our world. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech has caused hate. This is all due to poor human conditioning.

Before I dive into this, I want to express that I’m not supporting any group of people. I’m supporting the freedom of all beings, including myself.

Here’s what you need to know about me.

I’m a heterosexual female woman who love men. I adored the beauty industry since I was a child. I love playing in makeup, doing hair, waxing eyebrows and can be a fashionista when I’m in the mood. On the other hand, I’m more in touched with my masculine energy. I’ve been more masculine since a young child and it used to drive my mother crazy! She would fight with me to do my hair (I’ve always had a sensitive scalp). She would make me wear these pretty dresses and purses (sigh). She painted my nails and made me sing a solo at church every 4th Sunday. I absolutely hated every last bit of it. If she lived to see how I balanced out, I know she would be proud. As a teen, I played sports with the guys, wore boxers, baggy clothes, ponytails galore, deepened my voice, and so on. I looked and dressed like the masculine lesbians you see today. As I learned about these energies, I know I have more of a balance now, but my energy is still more masculine than feminine. This has a lot to do with past lives, but I will discuss this in a future post. I’ve accepted my masculine energy and embrace it.

The truth is our genital organs have absolutely nothing to do with being masculine nor feminine. Here’s why:

#1 Male and female was designed to create new life & do their human jobs

There’s this poor misconception when it comes to males and females. There’s always this sense of dominance. Men believed they are superior over women for a very long time and counting. Many men still feel this way due to their phyical size over women, charm and sex. Females believe they are more dominant due to similar reasons. Despite the chaos taken place on the planet with “gender” natural born females like myself (as well as all the other female species with a couple of exceptions) carry and give birth to new life. We can give birth and after recovery get back to normal activities with the new addition to the family. Females are naturally more intuitive while men are naturally impulsive. This isn’t always the case, but highly the case in many situations. For instance, if we walk into any Kindergarten or first grade classroom, the boys will be very active. The girls would have conversations.. In some cases, you’ll see very a couple of boys and girls observing the other children and their surroundings. This is a way to embrace our differences as we are remarkable beings.

The fact is male and female were designed to create new life. Men physically have more strength, height, sometimes weight, because they are protectors. The human male’s responsibility is to protect its species (female and children). While the female’s responsibility is to nurture her species. Male/female nonsexual intimacy provides and energy of love that can’t be expressed with words. It can only be felt. We’re male and female based on our set of organs to create the most precious gift that can be given in this existence. A physical manifestion of our Creator. A beautiful miniature version of who we are… a child.

#2 Masculinity and Femininity are energies which are a way of life.

These two energies are more powerful than the battle of physical sexes. This is what makes us who we are. For so long, we have been taught male = masculine and female = feminine. In reality, this is an energy the soul takes on naturally. This is why some people live in their truth of sexual preference. At the end of the day, we all want to have peace in our souls and love who we choose to love. This is why some women like myself are indeed all woman, but poccess maculine energy. Do you remember when people used to describe a “gentle” man as being in touch with his feminine side? All that means is he’s more in tuned with his feminine energy.

The disturbing part with is so many people feel like they can’t be themselves. This was a huge challenge in my life. When I was in religion based faiths, I was always told I wasn’t submissive enough, I talked back to men when I should’ve done what I was told and so forth. Women including my own relatives would tell me not to make waves, and its okay to let a man physically harm me if he felt I was out of line. I used to pray to the Lord asking, “if I’m suppose to be submissive so I can attract my husband, why did you make me so strong? I’m not like other women no matter how hard I try.” I use to cry during my prayers, because I didn’t understand. Then it clicked on day. This is the human’s ego way of manipulating other people. These “titles” aren’t serving their purpose in the right way around the world.

Many times, like in my life, this energy has nothing to do with the actual “gender” of a person. We see all of this talk of the “left” or “right” side of debates in the media. The truth is these are all distractions to keep us from who we really are.


We are not here to get caught up in the battle of the sexes. In truth, a healthy balance between the the energies is most beneficial for all. There isn’t one way or the other. There must be a little room to evolve so we may fulfilled lives while here on planet earth. We should already know and respect the individuality of one another.Humans have created ways which are hazardous to the mind, body and spirit. We read bibles, books, listen to philosophers, motivational speakers, life coaches, etc. on how we all should live our lives to be “happy and prosperous.” Take a look at the animal kingdom. Have you ever thought why animals are born into this world and know their places? If humans are so dominant, why do we lack the common sense to live free? Why must we create so many titles and manipulate our own species? Better yet, why are these failing one sided ways considered normal? We have been compromised for someone or something’s own agenda.

It is best that we live a life that is free from titles. Create our own life. Live in our own truth and respect others’ ways of life especially if they aren’t bringing immediate harm to us or our loved ones.

Read This & Never Fear Death Again

Are you afraid of dying? This post may change your perception all together. Here’s my story on death, how I experienced anxiety around death from an early age and why I now have peace about death.

I’m one of those individuals who has experienced many unfortunate events from an early age. Most of the women I loved dearly passed on before I was 14 years old. This included a close cousin who passed around her 13th birthday when I was 12 years old. My best friend who was also my first cousin passed on before we saw 30 years of age.

Growing up in Chicago, funerals was considered a normal anticipated event as it happened so often when I was a child. The first person I remember seeing in a casket was my Grandmother (my mom’s mother) at 5 years old. My Grandfather (my mom’s father) was one year later. As the years went by I’ve seen my mother and my Grandmother (father’s mother) and so many other relatives in caskets. This was all before age 14. Due to living like this, I thought I would die young as it was common to lose lives at all ages in my family.

As I grew older, I dealt with anxiety heavily. From about 18 to 21, my life was spent being afraid of literally everything. It didn’t help that I witnessed a woman get struck by a pickup truck on snow wheels and man having a medical crisis in the middle of the food court at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas many years ago. These were just some of many events that made me claim anxiety until I made a choice to take my life back.

After leaving Christianity and starting my Spiritual journey, I studied different religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith. One fact I’ve learned after my studies is there is some truth to all of the religions. When I chose to walk an open minded spiritual path, I started to think differently about everything. I knew most of what I was taught at a young age wasn’t true and were fear tactics to keep me in this matrix. I know this wasn’t done intentionally so I blame no one. I just know better now.

After realizing what physical death really is about, how significant the human soul really is, and learning the Tarot meaning of the Death card, it has heightened my understanding in new exciting ways. No, I wouldn’t end my own life to experience physical death before my time. I’m just aware of why this life experience is so important to our very existence. Here’s why we should not fear physical death.

Death is a normal process of life’s cycle

We are born, we live and we die. This is life’s normal cycle. Despite what some of us have been taught, were not created to live in this human flesh forever. Yes, our human bodies are amazing as it can repair itself time and time again, but the physical body has an expiration date. We were designed to live in seasons. Spring being born and our childhood. Summer season is adolescence through adulthood. Fall is middle age adult through maturity. Winter is those mature years through passing on at an old age of 70+ years old. The idea of when we die is to have lived a fulfilled life.

Our Soul lives forever

Souls are energy. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. On a scientific level, this is the law of conservation of energy. We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience in the physical 3-dimensional realm. It is not the other way around. I was conditioned in Christianity to believe I was only flesh breathing oxygen to stay alive. I was brain washed to believe that everything was physical with the exception of Jesus, Jesus’s Father (Creator of all), angels & demons. This simply isn’t true and here’s why.

We are a spiritual & physical manifestation of our Creator

We all have different beliefs. I refer to the Creator of life and the Universe as the Divine Lord. For you this can mean God, Most High God, Allah, Higher Power, Lord, Elohim, Source, etc. Fill in this title with what is most comfortable for you.

As human beings, we are an amazing manifestation of our Creator. We have full abilities to function in this human body and use it as the vehicle to explore and experience physical life here on Earth. We’re also the powerhouse of our very existence which is the Soul. We are energy beings who have no limitations. We can achieve and be whoever we want as long as we keep our vibrations high. Due to these God abilities, we can also manifest the lowest on earth if we’re feeding and functioning in lower vibrations. With a healthy mind and awareness of who we truly are (more Soul than human) we position ourselves to play the game of life on our terms.

Earth is where we gain knowledge & experiences which prepares us for our continued journey after physical death

Lastly, we’re here on earth at this time for great reasons. We’re here to become aware of who we truly are so we can continue to create the life we desire. We’re here to use our gifts, talents, personalities & overall presence to enjoy life while being a blessing to the world. We are here to gain the knowledge and experiences our Higher Self (our pure soul) requests from us to fulfill our mission here on earth.

Death is simply the ending of the physical 3-dimensional realm and beginning or continuation of the Spirit world which welcomes us with open arms. We are not here in vain. We continue on after this life on purpose with purpose. Still not convinced? I’m gonna leave you with this…

Peace & Love ♥️

Let Go of Those Who Cause Pain & No Longer Serve You Positively

Are you the type of person who forgives easily? After forgiving others, were you disappointed to realize the people you forgave and allowed back into your life never changed? I can attest to this as I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of moments being upset at others for taking my kindest for weakness. Even worse, I would be so angry with myself. How could I keep falling for the b.s. over and over again? How could I allow myself to love unconditionally to where it was causing more harm than good?

When it comes to these sorts of situations, the best things we can do is let go. No matter how much you love and care for a person, it doesn’t make sense to keep facing pain knowing deep down things will always stay the same. This is a tough reality I had to face in my life. Loyalty doesn’t matter if you’re loyal to the wrong ones.

Now, letting go is so much easier said than done. I can give you a million tips and tricks on how to let those who cause you pain go, but the truth is this all boils down to you. So I will share with you how I let go and how it changed my life. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but remember, you deserve the best life ever! We all deserve to be around people who love us and SHOW their love and pure interest with both their actions and words.

Before I go into these tips, remember you are love. We live in a world where many people are broken. People who are broken show love in some of the most hurtful ways. Unfortunately they have no clue what true love really is about. Its hard to give something we are unaware of right? These individuals need so much love, but have a wrong way of asking for it. Those in these situations tend to be very tense, upset with the world, spend their lives believing they are victims and/or make others victims to their cruel behavior and actions. Eventually, some will become aware of their low vibrations and demand change by looking in the mirror and correcting themselves. Others will take this toxicity to their graves.

No matter how hurt you are from the actions of others, never ever change the beautiful soul you are. Yes, it may hurt and you may want to beat yourself up about it. Remember this is only temporary and with the right actions, you can change your life for the better. You can demand respect without being disrespectful. If others feel you are disrespectful, it is their narcissistic behavior of manipulation (or their ego that feels this way).

#1 Accept people for who they are

As I mentioned above, some people are just broken and toxic. If you try to change their perception about you or the world, it will only bring more chaos your way. The first step here is to accept people for who are. Accepting their ways takes you one step closer to self healing and a fulfilling life.

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#2 FORGIVE yourself

Take a moment to write down the details that has caused you to feel pain. Read it. Release your feelings by crying or punching a pillow. The idea here is to release pain without bringing harm to yourself or others. Once you have finished this process and feel you have let all the emotions out, now is the time to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being loyal and trustworthy to those who simply didn’t appreciate someone like you in their lives. Being aware of the mistakes we make is the best thing to do. This eliminates the possiblity of going backwards by trying to claim victinhood. Someone who feels they are a victim can find it hard to take ownership for their mistakes, where they went wrong and where they were wrong. Forgiveness opens the doors to the possibilities of growth and true potential.

#3 FORGIVE those who hurt you

This step is just as important as forgiving yourself. When we forgive, this allows us to heal those wounds. Overtime, we are able to move forward knowing we still love the people who hurt us without feeling obligated to them. It’s also easy to let go of resentment, and clear any low vibrations from our hearts. Forgiveness is the key to a healthier life on all levels.

#4 Create positive affirmations to live by daily

Creating a list of positive affirmations reminds us of who we are, what we will accept, and will no longer tolerate from others. These positive affirmations are to be written in the present moment. They are to speak very highly of you, and should be read to yourself and/or aloud in the morning and before bed at night. These affirmations will remind you of how great you truly are and how you are enough. You do not need other’s approval to be YOU! Have fun with these affirmations as they can and will change your life.

#5 Take care of you!

Many times when we spend time around negativity and low vibrations, we tend to lose ourselves. This can be poor eating choices, using more profanity, or simply slacking on self care altogether. This is perfectly normal as we have been around that energy. The great part about letting go is you can get back into everything you wanted to do without these distractions. Many times, the people you were around are still making poor choices for their well being. The beauty is that you are the one who made a choice to get back to a better version of yourself.

Have you been wanting to read that book, start that new project, launch the business idea you’ve had for a long time or just take that steaming bath around a ton of lit candles? If you’ve been throwing anything off that can make you embrace the beautiful person you are, now is the time to get back to you. You deserve it! No one can fill this cup, but you!

#6 Set boundaries and be clear with how you feel

There will come a time when you see those who made you feel unworthy. Set healthy boundaries. There’s no need to pretend like everything is great when it clearly isn’t great. Just be yourself and have those boundaries set so people know to take you seriously and respect you. There’s no need to be disrespectful, be angry with them or lose the demeanor you have about yourself. Remember, you have already taken the time to forgive yourself for the situation. You have already forgiven the other party. So be you & continue to stand strong.

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We can let go of anyone that no longer serves us by…



Positive self talk

Self love &

Setting healthy boundaries

I hope this post brings you clarity, peace & light!

Why Healthy Foods Tastes Less Appealing Than Unhealthy Junk?

Happy Halloween!

Most of us may or may not know the answer to this question. I want to remind you of what healthy food is versus foods that are marketed as “healthy.” I’m not not a Scientist nor Physician. I have researched, studied herbalism and tried different natural remedies for years to improve my own health. I have been successful when it comes to listening to my body and paying attention to it (my temple). I remember when real foods like fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs were safe on the markets. The foods I ate as a child can not compare to the complexity of so called foods we eat today. With my recent trips to the grocery stores, our foods are changing on a daily basis and its plain scary.

I remember about 5 years ago when we resided in Las Vegas, I would shop at once of three grocery stores. Smiths, Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods. I remember seeing “cotton candy” grapes at Smiths for the first time. 5 years ago, I was bothered to see grapes marketed as an enhanced sweet treat. Most grapes are naturally sweet. I also remember seeing Bananas double the normal size being sold at Sprouts Farmers Markets. Most people shop these foods without thinking twice. Some see an increase in size or foods marketed as sweet as a good thing when it is in fact the opposite.

Cotton Candy grapes is just another way to put more sugar in our delicate systems. Sugar taste delicious, but it is not safe to consume continuously on a daily or every meal basis. Have you read my post The Sneaky Names of Sugar and How Much We Should Consume Daily? You can read it here. These food distribution companies have found many ways to get us addicted which effects our behavior, hormones, overall way of thinking/making decisions and open gateways that compromises our health.

We have so many foods that are tampered with sweetness, if we taste it or not. Why would we need more sweetness in foods that actually heal us? Plus, I can guess that the very companies making these food do not consume them. For instance, think of Steve Jobs. He rarely used Apple products even though they were a part of his creation and legacy. These products have a strong impact on our world today regardless of the hamful effects we all know they cause to the human body.

So why healthy foods taste less appealing?

We have been conditioned to eat fake foods that are not good for us. Since we live in a fast paced world where everything is delivered fast and conveniently, taste matters over everything. With the right amount of sugar, salt, cheese and/or deep fried deliciousness, companies can be very lucrative. So if most people today sat down and made a home cooked meal from scratch using nothing, but authentic herbs for flavor it would taste great, but is still foreign territory. Most wouldn’t feel comfortable making quality time to prepare such a meal. This even comes to a simple home cooked three-course meal. Baked chicken, wild rice and a side of green beans is considered too healthy for some people to eat. This meal wouldn’t be appealing enough unless the baked chicken was smothered in gravy or some form of sauce, the rice was white versus the only authentic rice I mentioned, green beans without butter, salt and pepper just doesn’t taste good to many people. We live in a world where taste rules. Yes, taste is important, but there are many healthy ways to create food with phenomenal taste that is actually healthy. Its just not marketed as it is considered unpopular, and is completely against the agenda of the modern day captivity.

Remember, all these unhealthy foods have been tested. This is why they are linked to our hormones, physical capabilities and behavior patterns. This is why it is easy to get addicted to a pizza brand or dill Kettle’s dill pickle chips like I was in the past. Our bodies are naturally designed to fight off everything that doesn’t mean us well even unhealthy foods. However, when the mind is tricked into thinking something is good for us when it is not, this is simply an invasion. Once the invasion happens, it is very difficult to fight the addiction. Did you know sugar is a stronger addiction than the Cocaine? Usually when we catch on, it is too late. Take action to enjoy what you like, but have the will power to remember your health is one the most important keys of your vehicle to experience physical life.

How to make healthier food choices?

Healthier eating choices includes making a lifestyle change. I’m not saying we can’t enjoy sweet, salty, deep fried or cheesy foods. I’m saying that these foods should be treated casual and not a normal, everyday way of life. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years.

Shop on the outskirts of the grocery stores

I learned this from my sons’ Pediatrician years ago. Around 2008, many young children were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Our Pediatrician explained this to me while my sons were in for their wellness visit. She was asking all of these questions about their diet. She was happy with how attentive I was to my sons’ health, and their food choices as I was young mother. She explained the importance of shopping on the outskirts of the stores as much as possible. Outskirts would be where all the fresh foods were versus the canned and packaged foods which were preserved with additional chemicals. These areas would include produce, meat counters, dairy/juice/eggs, the bakery, etc. She asked me to shop in the center aisles as little as possible, because these foods were causing more harm than good especially in children.

Stores have changed so much since 2008. Remember to shop for fresh foods. Stay away from frozen and packaged foods with longer expiration dates.

If you are shopping for produce, stay away from catchy names

As I’ve been going through the produce department of different stores, mainly big chained companies like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etcetera, vegetables, fruits and herbs that have cool names are usually linked to being genetically modified or hybrid foods. This means the foods aren’t even real food and have been manipulated to create a “food.” Or these foods have been crossed with other food. Going for the simplicity of names when shopping for foods instead of catchy, extravogant names is one way of avoiding junk or fake foods.

Make sure your foods expire at a reasonable time.

Produce that last longer than one week without your personal intervention is a red flag. This is a clear sign that there is preservatives or other chemicals in the foods. I’ve seen this recently shopping at Amazon Fresh. Our produce items like nectarines, parley and cilantro were still good in the fridge way past their expected expiration time. They looked new and was a clear sign of unhealthy foods. In result, I will not shop here for my produce again. Fresh doesn’t mean “pretty or long lasting.” Save your money and make wiser choices for food.

One thing I’ve grown to be passionate about is the food I buy for my family. We no longer live in a world where people care about our well being. Our very health is linked to big brand’s wallets and bank accounts. We have to seek authentic resources and put our health back into our own hands.

I wish you excellent wellness! Sending love, light and peace your way. 🙂

Separation Is An Illusion

Updated: May 7, 2022 Note: When I use the words God, Divine, Lord and Creator I am simply using different words to describe one being.

During these recent years, the answers to life I’ve been praying for have unfolding right in front of me. When I walked away from all religion 6 years ago, I remember saying to myself, “if God is real and truly know me, he will search my heart.” At that time, I was tired of living in fear, repenting, and just wanted real answers. I desired an authentic connection with God and not a one church said I should have. I look at my life now and have discovered the true beauty of it all. I have a message for you that I hope you are ready to receive.

This message is understanding there is no separation, and most importantly…. WE ARE ALL ONE. Every idea of separation is an illusion. This is true on all levels. The human ego simply wants to make itself appear better than something or another. The human ego we all possess wants to belong. We are not separated as we are more than just physical beings. In reality, we are all unique in our own special way, but one in the same. Remember, every living thing and creature on the planet (including humans) are a temporary physical manifestation of the Lord. When I say physical, I don’t mean arms, legs, features, etc. I believed this in a non-denominational faith for a decade even though it never sat well with me. We are the offspring of our Creator (regardless of one’s personal beliefs). We are all souls which comes directly from God. Souls are energy that can not be created nor destroyed. These souls also have a purpose in a lifetime. Due to this energy all living creatures possess, no matter how its divided, stretched or molded it is all the same. This means we are one in the same, because this energy is a piece of our Divine Creator. Think of an orange and apple. These two fruits are foods which grow on trees. Their differences is the nutrients they provide. This is how souls work. We all have our divine purpose even though we are one in the same. Another example is the movie number 9. The Master created these little puppets. He managed to give them all a little of his life force which made them breathing souls. After he created the last puppet, number 9, he died. He created his own offspring in the image of puppets to fulfill an important mission to save the planet. This is similar to our existence, except God never dies. And if God never die, how can we if we are a part of the Divine? We are souls of God living temporarily in the physical realm (earth).

This world has been divided into tiny pieces by “humans.” We’ve been separated on the ignorance of skin color, hair texture, social status, career choices and overall race. The illusion of education over actual intelligence. Separation of countries and continents instead of embracing the cultures. Battle of the sexes when both genders are equal in God’s eyes. The genders are strongest as a unit. Social status that is broken down into classes. Tall and short, skinny and chubby, up and down, left and right, black and white, wide and narrow…. you get my point. One of the most important pieces to this puzzle that started it all is religion. Religion has even made it possible to kill ourselves at rapid speed by living in fear, the way we eat, and shamefully denying our very existence as spiritual beings having a human experience.

As offspring of our Creator, we as humans have a different level in intellect than other life forms. The beauty is we all still come from God. A rose is the Lord’s precious creation just like humans. A Wildebeest is just as important as the waves of the ocean. Those ocean waves are alive just as an ant. We were created to co-exists on planet earth and not to destroy it nor one another. Due to all the poor judgement for one’s personal agenda and gain, our planet and every life force is suffering. This is an abomination to our Creator. We’ve been forced to forget who we are since our first breath. Due to the conditioning passed down from our parents, nefarious agendas from medical facilities, churches and schools our societies breed greed, mediocrity, scarcity, illness, misunderstanding of our sexual desires, suffering and more.

In conclusion, everything is an illusion outside of the priceless beings we were created to be. When we become aware of our very existence, life starts to turn in a new and amazing direction. Once we face the facts, we can open our minds to really shift to a higher level of consciousness. This is happening on the planet now, but there are always distractions to keep us from remembering, accepting and making the needed changes to happiness.

To some of you reading this I know this may sound strange. I understand, because I’ve come from a similar world like you. My biggest blessings have come from praying for understanding, but the Lord didn’t just open my understanding. God gave me the ability to remember and become aware of who I AM. If you’re on the fence and have been curious about life, I highly encourage you to think outside the box. Be the change in this distorted world and pray to remember.

Peace & Blessings

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