Why I Love My Hair :)


As a child, I was raised that hair can either make or break a woman. In other words, our hair is everything. There’s no in between, it’s literally EVERYTHING! Later in life, I found that these beliefs are misconceptions and sets women up for failure. That might sound weird coming from someone who chose a beauty career right? While I still enjoy making others beautiful, my mission has always been beauty from within.  Another fact I realized was how insecure, arrogant or stuck up some women are over this illusion. This has made me become more aware of who I want the world to see over what society wants to see.

So why I love my wild, sometimes tamed, weave and naturally curly hair?

Hair is how I express myself. It’s not perfect, but gives a perception of who I want to be. I can be pretty bold, straight to the point and my hair helps me get my point across.

I love the versatility I have with my hair! It’s long one day, short the next, shaved off, or any other way. I don’t have just one set look and that’s what makes me who I AM!

When I learned my true hair type, I’ve learned to embrace it! When I stopped relaxing my hair and actually say that my hair wasn’t as nappy as I thought it was, I became appreciative of the natural beauty I possess!

Do you love you natural hair no matter how it is? I’d love to hear from you!


Experiencing Hair Breakage? Read This!

One thing I know for sure is when it comes to making corrections, whether it’s beauty or sales going back to the basics is a MUST. Here’s some simple tips I’ve learned & utilized over the years that repairs damaged hair. If you’re experiencing breakage, dry/brittle hair or your hair just needs a lift try this!

Protein treatments: Protein helps build and maintain strength. How often do you shampoo your hair? For instance, if you’re like me, I shampoo build up from my hair once a week. My scalp is sensitive so product build up is both annoying & causes my scalp to itch. Use a protein treatment after you shampoo your hair for 4 weeks. You will began to notice the strength in your hair coming back.

 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner: After you completed your 4 week protein treatments, start using a deep conditioner for another 4 weeks. This will help build and restore your tresses.

Protein builds up your hair and makes it strong. Too much protein isn’t good, because it causes breakage. So following up with a moisturizing deep conditioner, which softens the hair adds balance! End result? Healthy looking, healthy feeling & shiny hair in 2 months’ time!

I’ll post a list of protein treatments and deep conditioners just for you! Stay tuned.

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5 Ways to Start a Successful Beauty Regimen In 2016


Many around this time have New Year resolutions. I personally don’t plan anything big at the beginning of the year. However, everyone wants to spend less time and money on their hair skin & nails. So here’s my list of ways to perfect your beauty regimen for 2016!

 #1 Find a Beauty Advisor or Cosmetologist

 If you’re not sure about where to start and been watching YouTube, it’s time that you take a step in the salon or work with someone who can offer you guidance. This will help eliminate mistakes we make when trying to DIY or trust a friend. Speak to a professional who can help you find your path and make recommendations for you to get the results you’re looking for. Plus make sure your Pro can help you learn how to DIY at home. I offer beauty Regimen Consultations at https://nishabspot.com

 #2 K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

 Stick to the regimen that works best for you. Remember, there’s always going to be a new trend, product or service someone wants you to buy. It’s okay to try new things, but going too drastic may not be for you at the moment. I’ve had clients come and tell me horror stories just because they tried something new which was trending just to be extremely dissatisfied. I’ve had these experiences personally as well. You don’t have to be boring to keep it simple.

#3 Healthy Eating is Key!

 We’ve all heard the saying, “you are what you eat!” This is so true! There’s so many foods that can bring you up to speed on your basic beauty needs. Foods like Salmon, tomatoes, dark greens like Kale & Spinach, avocados & nuts are just a few that helps promote & build beautiful hair, skin & nails. If you aren’t taking advantage of these delicious fruits & veggies, now is the time!

#4 Buy Organic Sealed Oils & Butters

 I use organic products even with clients based on their needs. Castor oil, coconut oil, Moroccan Argan oil, raw shea butter, extra virgin olive oil. You name it, I’ve used it or probably in the process of ordering it! When I first went natural, I spent so much money on products that did not live up to the hype. I’ve also noticed that everything that says “natural” or organic isn’t. With companies it’s all about the revenue. I remember looking at big brands and looking at the ingredients (I read all labels). I remember seeing so many chemicals it wasn’t funny. Even looking at popular beauty supply sellers like Jamaican Castor Oil for instance. Many of these products start with three main ingredients: water, alcohol or mineral water. This isn’t what you want for your hair or skin. Stick with products that say 100%, organic, cold pressed, unrefined, and/or has the USDA organic seal. Your body will thank you .

 #5 Don’t Compare Your Journey To Others

 In the beauty business, there’s always a client or two who wants you to look like someone else. Or they continuously compare their beauty journey to others. Remember, we all are unique in our own way. As long as we’re taking the time to do what’s right to make our own hair, skin and nails glow, we’re on the right path. It’s what makes us different and irresistible. Just think about it. If we all looked the same from what we saw on Pinterest, Instagram or television the world would be extremely boring! Embrace your hair textures, nail beds & skin tones. If you’re unhappy with cellulite, acne or uneven skin tones, stubborn hair growth, breakage weak nails, etc. work on them with natural remedies. Good old Mother Nature will do the trick!

 Let’s start this New Year off right with taking one step at a time & create the beauty regimen that makes so 2016 YOU!