I Struggled Horribly!

Many of us were raised to live our lives a particular way. You know, work a job that keeps you “just over broke” for 40+ hours a week, for 40 years and left to retire with only 40% of all the money we’ve earned within this time. I knew from the time I stepped into the job market at 15 that there had to be another way. Seven years later, I became a mother still in the rat race off and on juggling an infant and the poor job market that wasn’t paying much money to someone with a high … Continue reading I Struggled Horribly!

7 Effective Ways To Live In Your Purpose for 2017

We’re going into a new year and I wanted to give you a free gift! I put together 7 Effective Ways To Live in Your Purpose For 2017 to jump start your new year! This is for any Mama who’s building a dream  and would like some additional motivation along the way. This will come in extremely handy and I hope and pray your life in 2017 will be a start of a life full of abundance for you and your family! Complete the form below to receive your copy today! Continue reading 7 Effective Ways To Live In Your Purpose for 2017

I AM: The Power Of Words

There are situations we can and can not control. However, God gave all of mankind the gift of free will. With having free will, it’s so important to know how to react to life. For instance, we can speak greatness or curses over our own lives.  We also have the power to speak the same over someone else’s life. Our words we speak through our mouths or the way we think have so much effect on who we are while predicting our future. You might ask yourself, how can I speak situations over my life? It’s quite simple. You can … Continue reading I AM: The Power Of Words

What Is A Mama With Purpose?

How can you identify a Mama with purpose? Here’s how this Mama creates a priceless life while wearing her many crowns. Her walk is one of a kind. She has a connection with her creator and believes it’s the way to both salvation and success. This Mama creates ways that allows her family to need for nothing. Her King is blessed to have her stand next to him. She’s proud at his side wearing her crown. She believes health is the key to life. She practices this in her home with her family who gladly accepts her ideas to strengthen … Continue reading What Is A Mama With Purpose?

The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

We all have friends right? It seems like some friendships will never end, but everything has its season. I lost my best friend six years ago. We were also first cousins. I always had friends, but our relationship was never ending until the day she was taken. When I think back on our relationship, she was definitely out of this world with her way of thinking. The information we’re learning now about our world, she was already there and educating others along the way. Since we were children, our relationship was always beyond the basics. We spent many chats talking about … Continue reading The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

Working In Silence

Today, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were discussing the importance of keeping some life goals secret. This has been something that I’m still working on mastering, because it’s definitely needed to succeed. When we speak of our goals, dreams and aspirations to others, it makes it more difficult to accomplish these things. For instance, this summer, I was in the process of taking over a Beauty Salon. It didn’t go as planned and I decided taking ownership wasn’t what was best for me at this moment in my life. When I think back a few … Continue reading Working In Silence

How To Stay True To Yourself

I’ve faced different challenges in my life. The most recent has been caring what others think of my life decisions. I was really doubting myself for a moment until I had to put myself in check and stay true to who I AM. There was a point in time when I was soul searching & trying to figure out who “Nisha” is and who she feels comfortable being. At the same point in time, I’m open minded so I always have an ear to hear others’ opinions or wisdom. However, I was starting to feel myself going back into this … Continue reading How To Stay True To Yourself

30 Day Review for It Works! Products: Here’s WHY I’m A New Business Owner :-)

When finding a way to make $$$ part time working from home, I’m not the person who just look to sell anything. My goal is to believe in what I sell. The only way this can happen is being a consumer of what you potentially want to sell. In this case, that’s exactly what I did. When I received my products in the mail, I received them one day early which was shocking! I paid for 2 day shipping, but received my products in less than 24 hours (great 1st impression). I ordered on a Friday and received them early Saturday afternoon. … Continue reading 30 Day Review for It Works! Products: Here’s WHY I’m A New Business Owner 🙂