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2 Natural Sweeteners You’ll Love

textgram_1502232859[1]It’s hard to find a natural sweetener that taste good, dissolves easily, healthy and doesn’t have a horrible after taste. There are so many so called alternative ‘sweeteners’ on the market that promise they are the best. Yeah right! I’m here to tell you about 2 natural sweeteners that doesn’t need help to be delicious! They are safe to use as much as you like, naturally created by Mother nature itself and can be used in countless ways! How do I know this? I’ve been using these 2 ingredients since I’ve started my meatless journey close to a year ago! I use them for like everything sweet!

What’s the first natural sweetener that has nothing to do with the addictive sugar cane or its deadly alternatives?



Agave Nectar is the best of the best of the best when it comes to a sugar substitute! In my home, we substitute it for everything! We use it on…

Pancakes and waffles, steel oats & grits, tea, coffee, sweet sauces, lemonade, etc. We use Agave in everything! I no longer by syrup, sugar or anything that isn’t going to benefit our heath.

The 2nd natural sweetener is ORGANIC DRIED DATES!


Dates are so delicious and are great to add sweetness to desserts, smoothies, ice cream, oatmeal or whatever else you like sweet! Unlike Agave Nectar, dates look similar to prunes. They also have a huge seed right in the center that can’t be chewed or swallowed. After removing the seeds from this fruit, it can be chopped up and added to whatever you like! It can also be shredded in a blender. I love to add this to our home made banana ice cream, and home made smoothies! This fruit is so sweet and actually has a nutty flavor. If you haven’t tried this natural fruit, you must give it a try!

So why would I recommend these two foods over everything for sweetness? These two are still natural! Most of our foods aren’t food. They cause harm our temples unlike foods that are grown and prepared in their natural state.



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You Should Be Proud When…

As a parent, one of the proudest moments is to see the accomplishments of your children. Many times, as moms we forget about ourselves and put the family first. Its a great feeling when those sacrifices were so worth it!

School ends in 4 days and my sons would have officially finished 4th and 6th grade! I’m so proud of them! This year has had its ups and downs, but we made it through!

This school year (2016-17) was the first year I made a leap of faith to have my sons attend virtual school from home. We found a great school with a great cirriculum and pushed through! 

It was by far a walk in the park. You know how your children are different in school and come home being themselves right? Well when the kiddos go to school at home, they have no choice, but to be who they are. With this, I’ve learned Jordan is a class clown and play with his pencils when he’s bored. Jt is the perfectionist and is down when he doesn’t get 100% on all his assignments.

Many parents know these traits of their children based on speaking with teachers and students. However, when you are the Learning Coach, when the teacher is there occasionally life is different. You see most of your child’s strengths and weaknesses unfold right in front of you. 

After presevering through this school year, we made the decision to stay in the virtual world for the upcoming year 2017-18 with their current school. 

So here’s what Im proud of….

1. We went Vegan and have done our best to stay meat free 98% of the time. Dairy free 80% of the time. Cheese has been the hardest to let go!

2. Jordan no longer eats candy after learning that his favorites are GMOs.

3. Meditation and Yoga has been a big part of our lives. 

4. I’ve lost weight during the school year and now on a mission to lose even more all summer long! 

5. The boys will remain Gifted and Talented students next school year! 

I have a lot to be proud and thankful for. 

How did your children make you proud this school year? How did you persevere when you made a needed sacrifice for your kids?

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3 Reasons Why My Twelve Year Old Son Became Vegan & No Longer Eats Candy

One thing I love about being a parent is that I can watch my children grow into their personalities and support their decisions. This includes setting standards for what they want out of life. When I was a child, I loved candy. As an adult, I still eat it from time to time. I grew up being rewarded for eating candy. My 12 year old son, Jordan feels totally different about this and I’m a proud Mama to see his growth and wise choices.

Since Jordan was a toddler, I’ve always monitored how much candy him and his brother’s can eat. People used to think I was crazy, because my boys would only eat candy on Fridays. Now he’s old enough to make his own decisions on this matter. Jordan still enjoys baked treats occasionally,  but no longer eats candy. After sitting down chatting with him about this decision, these are the main three reasons why my son stopped eating candy.

#1 Many Candies are GMOs

#2 Eating Candy is Unhealthy & Causes Excessive Mucus

 #3 Controls Your Mood & Highly Addictive

After Jordan read the label on a pack of peanut M&Ms, he were surprised to see the packaging that was labeled, ” partially produced with genetic engineering.” From that moment, along with our lifestyle changes, Jordan vow to not eat candy again. Its been 4 months since he made this decision. 

Jordan is Vegan, because of…

“Health benefits, easier to stay physically active, influence of my mom, I love animals and nature, animals are innocent, I don’t like cheese and we don’t drink dairy milk so this part was easy. We can be creative in the kitchen, Vegan meals are feeling and taste great.”

Supporting your child’s decisions to be Vegetarian or Vegan can really help improve their self esteem. Live a healthier lifestyle and be a great role model in health for your children.

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I Struggled Horribly!


Many of us were raised to live our lives a particular way. You know, work a job that keeps you “just over broke” for 40+ hours a week, for 40 years and left to retire with only 40% of all the money we’ve earned within this time. I knew from the time I stepped into the job market at 15 that there had to be another way. Seven years later, I became a mother still in the rat race off and on juggling an infant and the poor job market that wasn’t paying much money to someone with a high school Diploma.Three years after living this horror of exchanging my time for money  and part time jobs making the bare minimum, I was pregnant with my second child. I never fit the job market of kiss ass or you’ll be fired. I’ll rather be fired, because this wasn’t my personality. I could never give my power away to someone or a company that didn’t give a flip about me. When my youngest son was about 6 months old, that’s when I became a single parent. I was like many other women who experienced this adversary with no plan B. I just made 24 years old when we decided to part ways which was a very challenging time. Let’s just everything happens for a reason :).

The “struggling single mom” was my middle name. I was either an underpaid full time employee going to college part time or I was unemployed looking for more work while receiving government benefits. I didn’t receive child support and had a very limited support system. I was dealing with horrible daycares that demanded money, but didn’t guarantee the safety of my children. It was definitely some hard times.

After going through this up and down roller coaster, I made one of the biggest sacrifices in my life. I dropped out of college to pursue one of my passions. I was tired of waiting 2 weeks for lousy paychecks. I was tired of not doing what I enjoyed. So I committed to going to beauty school. I became a licensed Cosmetologist. This is one of the best situations that happened to me, because I learned how to hustle for the first time in my life! All I knew was how to make money from a company paying me. I learned how to write my own paycheck.

2 years into my beauty career, I learned how to stop exchanging so much of my time for money. I later learned how to leverage the benefits of wellness products which has helped me to create more than one source of income. Have you ever thought, what do I want out of life? How can I spend more time with my children? How can I get my time back? How can I be happy? If you can say that you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, I’m telling you there is a way. This way isn’t a walk in the park. It takes hard work, commitment and accurate steps towards reaching your goals. It’s about following one task until you’ve reached success.

If you’re a single parent or not, anyone can take steps toward their goals in life. How will make a difference in the world? Complete the contact form to receive exclusive tips on how to make an extra $500 a month without a Job. This can help you create find your purpose in life. Remember, you and your loved ones deserve the best! I look forward to connecting with you!







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Have A Cold? Try This!



Are you or anyone you knowing dealing with a stubborn cold? Try this! I was speaking with my neighbor when I had this stubborn cold! I was out for a couple of days and it wouldn’t get better for nothing. It was day 5 on the cold.

She began telling me about her daughter who couldn’t get rid of a stubborn cough for about close to two months. My neighbor said she took her daughter to the doctor several times for this cough. They would only prescribe her daughter an antibiotic for the cough. She was getting fed up and came across this article on Facebook that had some amazing information. It said mix a teaspoon of organic honey with cinnamon and take it twice daily for 3 days the cold should be gone. So she gave this try. After 3 days, her daughter’s cough was gone! If you’ve visited this site before, you can probably tell that I love love love organic and natural ways to heal the body!

I had the ingredients at home, but wanted to do a little online research to learn about how these two work together. I’ve never heard of it before and I was curious before I tried it. I came across a few sites (just good honey and cinnamon home remedy) and I found out how organic honey has an anti bacterial, anti-fungal and how it helps prevent different illnesses. I love honey and buy it organic and raw all the time! I didn’t know it had so many health benefits! From what I found out about cinnamon, it’s a prevention aid. It helps with so much in the body!

So after being ecstatic about these two natural ingredients I always keep in my kitchen, it was time to put it to test. For the first day, I mixed the cinnamon with a teaspoon of raw organic honey. This taste extremely sweet and was very thick. So the next couple of days, I just made tea. I used the same amount of honey, cinnamon, and added fresh lemon slices. In 3 days, my cough and sneeze were gone. My runny nose stopped and I was feeling like myself again. Jt was coming down with a cold as well and I used the same strategy that stopped his cold in it’s tracks.

If you have toddlers, older children or even if you have a cold, it just make for your family as well :-).

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My Connections Academy Review: Online School


This is my sons’ first school year at Connections Academy. With our schedules, this choice was perfect for our lifestyle and allows my kids to get a higher education, and the flexibility needed around our lives. Here’s a little bit about my sons:

  • Both are gifted and talented students
  • Easily distracted (like most boys)
  • Enjoy being creative (videos, graphic design, Lego building, stop motion videos, etc)
  • Love reading books, playing sports, skateboarding and scooter riding

With this decision, we’ve been able to break away from the inflexible lifestyle most schools offer and live the lives we desire.

If you’re unfamiliar with Connections Academy, it’s an online public charter school that allows children the opportunity to go to school from home. Most people think a child that attends school from home will disable their social skills. I’m here to tell you that going to school from home doesn’t effect your children social life. Honestly, it depends on your child.

Now My Review: Being a Gifted and Talented Students Pays Off

Connections Academy has changed our lives. It’s not your typical school and I must admit that we have to work hard. When I enrolled my sons, they were able to be placed in Gifted and Talented classes. In a regular public school, most students attend TAG or GT once, maybe twice a week. With connections, my sons have the opportunity to have all of their classes on a higher level.

Being in Gifted and talented classes allows students to enjoy awesome opportunities like taking classes in higher grades and a more advanced cirriculum. At this rate, they have the opportunity to earn college credits and possibly graduate early. JT (my youngest) is currently in 4th grade, but takes 5th grade math.

The Cirriculum Is One Of a Kind

We really enjoy the lessons! It’s by far what I’ve seen in a traditional public school. The cirriculum is full of great stories, learning strategies and scenarios that actually prepares students for the real world. Health and PE is one of my favorite subjects outside of their core classes, because it’s basically a Psychology class. Jordan (my oldest, in middle school) has learned about drugs, alcohol, mental illnesses, nutrition and so much more. Students typically learn of these behaviors from experience. My son has been able to get ahead by learning these key challenges ahead of time.

Field Trips and Events Exist

Some people believe a child going to school from home is isolated from the world. I’m here to tell you that’s a bunch of nonsense! At Connections, there are scheduled field trips and events where students have the opportunity to interact and make friends. In addition to school events, my sons spend their afternoons, after school work is complete at the skate park, boys and girls club and recreation center. They have friends and have a great time just being kids. For those who feel an education should only be in a school building, how many times have you received a call home from school, because your child was talking during school hours?

Each Student Gets Vacation Days

Say you’re planning a family trip outside of school vacation time or have an emergency and need to leave town. Instead of your child missing school or adding unnecessary absences to their attendance, you can use vacation days. Every student is giving a specific amount per year that may be used at anytime.

Teachers Are Present and There To Help

My sons are in Elementary and Middle school (4th and 6th grade). They both have a homeroom teacher who’s always available to answer questions, offer their assistance and they communicate with my sons on a monthly basis just to check in. Math isn’t one of Jordan’s favorite subjects so he’s able to work closely with his Math teacher who’s there to help whenever he’s needed.

Parents are Learning Coaches

As a parent, I get to work closely with my sons. I’m able to see their strong points and help them strengthen their weaknesses. If there are ever any questions or if help is needed as a Learning Coach, the teachers are there ready and willing to assist. The curriculum is there and there’s no need to have any extra work for your child. With everything Connections has to offer, your child will be occupied.

All of your Materials Are Provided For Your Family

Everything is provided like school books, PE materials, Music class, you name it! If your family needs a computer It’s provided for you. If you need help paying for the internet, there’s a grant available. They make it so simple and there’s no excuse for a child to be denied for not being prepared.

Lots and Lots of Clubs! 

My sons are apart of the Robotics, Video and Gaming Technology, Sports and Pen Pal club. Once a student has been enrolled for 30 days and maintains a 70% they are eligible to sign up for clubs. The clubs are awesome extra cirricular activities that allows students to learn new things and connect with students who share the same interest. There are so many options to choose from!

Now the Cons…

Attendance must be Recorded Weekly 

Students must attend school a certain amount of hours based on their State. In our state Nevada, the boys are required to complete 25 hours a week in work lessons. Like I mentioned, you can create a schedule that is best for your family. If you wanted to work on school in the evenings with the mornings free, it’s totally up to you. The only part that matters is making sure students are completing the required assignments and you are recording their attendance.

Try Not To Fall Behind On Assignments

Making sure you are ahead is one of the best ways to succeed. Falling behind can be one of the worst decisions to make. Unlike other schools I’ve heard of that allows you to skip lessons and only do what one feel is necessary, Connections Academy assignments can’t be skipped. Students must complete assignments and must be responsible with the help of their Learning Coach. If a student falls behind, the lesson would not disappear until it’s completed and the student isn’t allowed to complete other assignments until they are caught up. It’s a great thing that students can’t just skip assignments. It’s about learning and doing what is best for the students. Complete those assignments on time!

Final Thoughts

I hope this was helpful to any parent out there looking for a plan B for their family. I can honestly say this was a great choice for us! We enjoy this option and are so grateful that we found this amazing school! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Wishing you the best!

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Crystals & The Beauty of The Journey!


How do you know you’re on the right path in life? The Universe will send signs! This is beyond amazing and here’s why!

Last night, I introduced my sons to Crystals through a Spirit Science series on YouTube (you can watch it here). An acquaintance told me about Crystals a while back and I watched these same videos. After looking at these informative animations, I just knew this would number 1, catch my sons attention and 2, really spark their interest in Crystals! I was right! We began looking into Crystal stores in our area immediately.

Today, My youngest had a field trip to the Hoover Dam where he received this special gift! He received a Quartz Crystal which is very powerful and holds significant value! He was so excited, because we were just talking about this last night. Yes, this manifested very quickly!  It was definitely a sign from our creator.

If you’re unfamiliar with Crystals, they are a part of earth and holds a frequency that gives off energy through priceless acts of love and positivity. They are also used as a guide to help us find our true path in life. There are multiple kinds of crystals in all different shapes and colors. They all have different meanings that can help us at some point in our lives. There are natural ways to recharge them as well. Plus a Crystal can come in your life at the perfect time of need. These elements have been here since the beginning of time.

If you’re curious about Crystals and how they work, make sure to check out the video link in this posts. Wishing you an abundance of blessings!