When you’re Awake In A Sleep World: My Thoughts On Vegas Attack @ Mandalay Bay

I worked at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Saturday (9/30) & Monday (10/1). I was assigned to work there for the NetApp Convention until Wednesday evening. To avoid paying for parking ($15/day), I parked down at Tropicana Hotel which is at Tropicana Avenue/Las Vegas Blvd. To avoid parking so far on Sunday, I was dropped off and picked up. Each time whether I was walking or driving, I had to pass the Route 91 Country Festival, go through the Mandalay Bay and make my way to the Conventuon Center. While walking by, I noticed happy people in their cowboy/cowgirl … Continue reading When you’re Awake In A Sleep World: My Thoughts On Vegas Attack @ Mandalay Bay

What Is A Mama With Purpose?

How can you identify a Mama with purpose? Here’s how this Mama creates a priceless life while wearing her many crowns. Her walk is one of a kind. She has a connection with her creator and believes it’s the way to both salvation and success. This Mama creates ways that allows her family to need for nothing. Her King is blessed to have her stand next to him. She’s proud at his side wearing her crown. She believes health is the key to life. She practices this in her home with her family who gladly accepts her ideas to strengthen … Continue reading What Is A Mama With Purpose?

My Journey Mind, Body & Spirit

Its been a while since I’ve started and executed a Fit Mamas challenge and here’s why. No matter what I was doing or how I was eating, I struggled to lose weight. In recent years, a diet isn’t a part of the solution, but would spend my time working out. Even when I would tell myself to eat healthy, I’ll end up over consuming. This was causing my weight to stay the same.  After realizing this and having less cheat moments, I’m getting results without really trying. I’ve officially changed my eating habits to a Vegan/Vegetarian diet. I eat cheese … Continue reading My Journey Mind, Body & Spirit

Why Becoming a Vegan Saved My Life

Weight loss can be very tricky. One thing I’ve learned is before you can lose weight, one must master what’s being consumed in the body. If we eat crap, we feel like crap, and will eventually become crap. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. We are what we eat. I love how Ralph Smart put it, “You’re either eating to LIVE or you’re eating to DIE.” Since I’ve adapted to a Vegan lifestyle, I’ve noticed an abundance in my health. I’ve prayed for so long while looking for answers. Since I’ve found the answers, here’s what’s been taken place … Continue reading Why Becoming a Vegan Saved My Life

Cherish Both Life & Death

  It was a very special day for my family. My sister gave birth to my niece at approximately 6:30am this morning.  It was an emotional time for us even though I wasn’t there in the hospital room with her physically. I was able to offer her the support she needed delivering her first baby. My sister and I have been bonding during her pregnancy and patching up lose ends in our relationship. It’s been such a blessing to be by her side during this precious time. Our family history is priceless and will be explained in a later post :-). Recently, I learned of a … Continue reading Cherish Both Life & Death

Crystals & The Beauty of The Journey!

How do you know you’re on the right path in life? The Universe will send signs! This is beyond amazing and here’s why! Last night, I introduced my sons to Crystals through a Spirit Science series on YouTube (you can watch it here). An acquaintance told me about Crystals a while back and I watched these same videos. After looking at these informative animations, I just knew this would number 1, catch my sons attention and 2, really spark their interest in Crystals! I was right! We began looking into Crystal stores in our area immediately. Today, My youngest had a field trip to … Continue reading Crystals & The Beauty of The Journey!

Spring, Life & Self Worth

It’s officially spring! I’ve been amazed by how beautiful and colorful it is outside. This made me realize some things. We have four seasons each year. We see spring transition to summer, summer transition to fall and fall to winter. I’m fascinated with this, because the seasons are always changing. The world is always changing. So why are we as humans content with holding on to the same possessions, environments, jobs or friends, excuses etc. when we’re in a forever changing world? I’ve decided to make changes in my life. I’ve decided to be the person I was created to … Continue reading Spring, Life & Self Worth

Family Comes 1st

  This photo was taken back in 2010. My oldest, Jordan was 5 & my youngest, Jovan was 3.  My little 3rd grader was under the weather for 2 days last week. Thursday and Friday weren’t good days for him. He was dealing with a cold and allergies all at the same time. Imagine a little one with a hard dry cough, runny eyes and nose, wheezing and a fever. It wasn’t a pretty sight and I felt to sorry for my baby.  Even though I felt bad for him, I was so thankful that I made better decisions for our … Continue reading Family Comes 1st