I Struggled Horribly!

Many of us were raised to live our lives a particular way. You know, work a job that keeps you “just over broke” for 40+ hours a week, for 40 years and left to retire with only 40% of all the money we’ve earned within this time. I knew from the time I stepped into the job market at 15 that there had to be another way. Seven years later, I became a mother still in the rat race off and on juggling an infant and the poor job market that wasn’t paying much money to someone with a high … Continue reading I Struggled Horribly!

These 2 Oils Should Live In Your Kitchen ALWAYS

There are many cooking oils on the market. Being a natural Queen, I prefer to grab the best oils which promotes the lifestyle my family have chose to live. I remember growing up watching my family cook with grease (yuck!), vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil (which is flooding the grocery stores) and corn oil. I’m so thankful that we’ve been informed on healthier ways to enjoy food without these deadly choices. So here are the 2 oils that should live in your kitchen ALWAYS. Grapeseed Oil Grapeseed Oil is the first oil I want to share with you. This oil … Continue reading These 2 Oils Should Live In Your Kitchen ALWAYS

3 Reasons Why You Should Settle

Originally posted @mytrendingstories.com We hear many people talk about why settling for less isn’t an option. I’m here to give you  a different point of view. How many times have you heard someone say, never settle for less! I mean this statement is everywhere right? There’s a time when you should allow yourself to settle. Not for less, but to settle. Click here to read more Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You Should Settle

Recipe Wednesdays: Italian Veggie (Italian Beef Alternative)

It’s Recipe Wednesday and I’m excited to send this your way! This week’s meal is the Italian Veggie! Italian Veggies are simple, filling and packed with flavor! Ingredients 10-12 ounces of Baby Portobello or Portobello Mushrooms 1/2 green bell pepper 1/2 orange bell pepper 3/4 cup of yellow or white onions 1 pack of McCormick Au Jus sauce 3/4 cup of giardeneira pepper juice (oil free is preferred/add jarred peppers if you like) Submarine rolls (preferably fresh baked) 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning Shredded mozarella cheese (optional) Chop all vegetables. Prepare Au Jus sauce according to instructions. Once Au Jus … Continue reading Recipe Wednesdays: Italian Veggie (Italian Beef Alternative)

Have A Cold? Try This!

  Are you or anyone you knowing dealing with a stubborn cold? Try this! I was speaking with my neighbor when I had this stubborn cold! I was out for a couple of days and it wouldn’t get better for nothing. It was day 5 on the cold. She began telling me about her daughter who couldn’t get rid of a stubborn cough for about close to two months. My neighbor said she took her daughter to the doctor several times for this cough. They would only prescribe her daughter an antibiotic for the cough. She was getting fed up … Continue reading Have A Cold? Try This!

My Connections Academy Review: Online School

This is my sons’ first school year at Connections Academy. With our schedules, this choice was perfect for our lifestyle and allows my kids to get a higher education, and the flexibility needed around our lives. Here’s a little bit about my sons: Both are gifted and talented students Easily distracted (like most boys) Enjoy being creative (videos, graphic design, Lego building, stop motion videos, etc) Love reading books, playing sports, skateboarding and scooter riding With this decision, we’ve been able to break away from the inflexible lifestyle most schools offer and live the lives we desire. If you’re unfamiliar with Connections … Continue reading My Connections Academy Review: Online School