Recipe Wednesdays: Italian Veggie (Italian Beef Alternative)

It’s Recipe Wednesday and I’m excited to send this your way! This week’s meal is the Italian Veggie! Italian Veggies are simple, filling and packed with flavor! Ingredients 10-12 ounces of Baby Portobello or Portobello Mushrooms 1/2 green bell pepper 1/2 orange bell pepper 3/4 cup of yellow or white onions 1 pack of McCormick Au Jus sauce 3/4 cup of giardeneira pepper juice (oil free is preferred/add jarred peppers if you like) Submarine rolls (preferably fresh baked) 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning Shredded mozarella cheese (optional) Chop all vegetables. Prepare Au Jus sauce according to instructions. Once Au Jus … Continue reading Recipe Wednesdays: Italian Veggie (Italian Beef Alternative)

Have A Cold? Try This!

  Are you or anyone you knowing dealing with a stubborn cold? Try this! I was speaking with my neighbor when I had this stubborn cold! I was out for a couple of days and it wouldn’t get better for nothing. It was day 5 on the cold. She began telling me about her daughter who couldn’t get rid of a stubborn cough for about close to two months. My neighbor said she took her daughter to the doctor several times for this cough. They would only prescribe her daughter an antibiotic for the cough. She was getting fed up … Continue reading Have A Cold? Try This!

My Connections Academy Review: Online School

This is my sons’ first school year at Connections Academy. With our schedules, this choice was perfect for our lifestyle and allows my kids to get a higher education, and the flexibility needed around our lives. Here’s a little bit about my sons: Both are gifted and talented students Easily distracted (like most boys) Enjoy being creative (videos, graphic design, Lego building, stop motion videos, etc) Love reading books, playing sports, skateboarding and scooter riding With this decision, we’ve been able to break away from the inflexible lifestyle most schools offer and live the lives we desire. If you’re unfamiliar with Connections … Continue reading My Connections Academy Review: Online School

Recipe Wednesdays: Vegetarian Pizza

Thank you for joining me on Recipe Wednesdays! This is just a quick recipe I put together and it worked perfectly! In my home, we LOVE pizza! We normally eat it with cheese, but have been practicing on making healthier decisions with one of our all time faves! This pizza would be Vegan if the crust didn’t contain dairy products. Enjoy!  Ingredients: 1 Boboli Pizza Crust (or similar) Ragu (Traditional) Pizza Sauce Hot house Tomatoes Baby Portobello Mushrooms Spinach Red Crushed Peppers (optional) Italian Seasoning Add Ragu Traditional Pizza Sauce to cover the pizza crust to your desire. Add all … Continue reading Recipe Wednesdays: Vegetarian Pizza

7 Effective Ways To Live In Your Purpose for 2017

We’re going into a new year and I wanted to give you a free gift! I put together 7 Effective Ways To Live in Your Purpose For 2017 to jump start your new year! This is for any Mama who’s building a dream  and would like some additional motivation along the way. This will come in extremely handy and I hope and pray your life in 2017 will be a start of a life full of abundance for you and your family! Complete the form below to receive your copy today! Continue reading 7 Effective Ways To Live In Your Purpose for 2017

How to NOT Get Discouraged On Your Weight Loss Journey

I’ve failed multiple times with weight loss. What has helped me get better results today is not getting discouraged and understanding this journey happens fast, but not overnight. It typically takes 4-10 weeks to began noticing changes. I put together these few tips to help you have a tunnel vision when it comes to your goals. It’s not going to happen overnight. This used to be one of the hardest realizations for me. I would notice very little change and would get discouraged when the scale says the same amount it was 2 weeks ago. Or I would workout hard for … Continue reading How to NOT Get Discouraged On Your Weight Loss Journey

5 Benefits of Detoxing the Body

Have you been thinking about detoxing, but unsure of some of the health benefits? Here are five reasons why you should detox your body now. Gets rid of toxins and waste. From the foods we eat to sitting on the toilet improperly, there’s waste left in the colon. Due to this little problem, it is easy for toxins to build up and this can cause complications down the line. It’s important to have everything removed from our bodies during bowel movements for good health.  Flushes the system clean. When using a powerful detox with natural and healthy ingredients, it flushes … Continue reading 5 Benefits of Detoxing the Body

Tips to Start a Healthy Food Lifestyle

It can be challenging starting a healthy eating plan that actually works. We live in a world where most of our food is a joke and is making huge corporations wealthy. Some say not to worry about buying organic fruits and vegetables because there’s a very little difference while others highly recommend these foods. No matter how difficult it may be, I’m here to tell you that there’s still hope to live a better life and there’s no need to settle in poor eating habits. Here are some tips that can help you get started in the right direction! Consuming Less … Continue reading Tips to Start a Healthy Food Lifestyle

I AM: The Power Of Words

There are situations we can and can not control. However, God gave all of mankind the gift of free will. With having free will, it’s so important to know how to react to life. For instance, we can speak greatness or curses over our own lives.  We also have the power to speak the same over someone else’s life. Our words we speak through our mouths or the way we think have so much effect on who we are while predicting our future. You might ask yourself, how can I speak situations over my life? It’s quite simple. You can … Continue reading I AM: The Power Of Words

What Is A Mama With Purpose?

How can you identify a Mama with purpose? Here’s how this Mama creates a priceless life while wearing her many crowns. Her walk is one of a kind. She has a connection with her creator and believes it’s the way to both salvation and success. This Mama creates ways that allows her family to need for nothing. Her King is blessed to have her stand next to him. She’s proud at his side wearing her crown. She believes health is the key to life. She practices this in her home with her family who gladly accepts her ideas to strengthen … Continue reading What Is A Mama With Purpose?