A Healthy Life Starts With These 3 Factors

Beauty & wellness are together whether we want to admit it or not. There are tons of beauty products that promise results when you use them. There are wellness products that promise the same. However, to live a healthy life, you must take these three keys factors into consideration in everything you do.

Before I dive into these three factors, it’s best to remember that you can do whatever you feel is best for you. Do what makes you happy. After going Vegan over a year ago, I researched a lot. I learned through trial and error whether it was physical or mental. I found out a ton of information online and at the library. I purchased books from Barnes and Noble which helped me on my journey to a healthier, happier life.

The three factors are: mind, body and spirit. There is so much that falls under these 3 categories. To keep this short, today I’m bringing general info that may give you an idea of why having all three aligned with the universe can bring you a healthy life. From my journey, I’ve learned that this is the only way to live a happy and healthy life. I will elaborate on what has helped me find peace, embrace love and how blessings keeps coming our way as a family.

Mind. The mind literally deals with a mentality of how we deal with every aspect of life. We can have a mentality to succeed, or a mentality to fail. It’s all in how we think. It’s based on how the mind works and how we  perceive this world. I went from having a mentality of barely getting by just waking up everyday to becoming a better version of myself. When I became pregnant with my first son at 20, my mentality shifted from waking up and getting by to becoming the best mother and woman I could be. I went from being angry and misunderstood to being optimistic and having a clue of what I wanted to do with my life. Around the time my second son was born 2 years later, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. There was no turning back and I made the sacrifices necessary to accomplish those goals. One of those goals was investing in beauty school to become a Cosmetologist. It took me 2 1/2 years, but it was so worth it.

The mind is a very powerful tool that can think for us automatically or we can monitor our thoughts more frequently by taking our minds off auto pilot. In other words, simply taking control of our lives. We literally become what we think about. So whatever we think about frequently, and ponder on with passion will come to past whether it is good or bad. This even goes for being around people who don’t wish the best for you. If someone says hurtful things to break your mind and spirit, it’s easy to start believing it subconsciously. This is just because our subconscious mind picks up everything and will store it for later. This can make us second guess ourselves when someone thinks something negative about us. This is why it’s so important to limit the individuals in our lives to those who only wish the best for us. 

Once taking the time to focus on the positive outlook in life and stop trying to control the little that we can’t control, the mind becomes a healthier place. Focus on the great things you want & not how bad something is going right now. This makes all the difference to be in the driver’s seat of your life. This is the first step to reaching the goal of a healthy life.

“You control 90% of your life.”

Body. The body is tool to utilize. The body is extremely amazing and can help us have longevity in this life. Unfortunately, some still haven’t taken into consideration the harmful toxins we eat that are marketed as food. The truth is very little on the market is real food. For instance, I was having a conversation with a few ladies recently. We were talking about food (one of my favorite topics these days). A couple of these ladies were like, they know the harmful effects of meat and dairy products. They had no interest in changing there ways or even taking a healthier lifestyle info consideration. I always mention to people I mentor about how important it is to take baby steps into greatness (mentally & physically). We’re not perfect. I remember when I was starting out on a Vegan diet and how I got really sick one time for eating a few chicken wings from a restaurant. It’s easy to crave something, but hard to deal with the consequences. 

I mentioned the health benefits of not eating flesh and how important it is to live a healthier lifestyle to these women. They had no interest helping themselves to possibly save their own lives not their families’ lives. As a melanated woman in America, lately, I’ve been seeing women fight illness & diseases like breast cancer. Many women, especially those of color, are dealing with hysterectomies and are headed towards disaster if some things don’t change. Women of color are number one for breast cancer, hysterecomies and other feminine related illnesses. I tell these ladies all the time, it’s starts with the food in our kitchens, in the fast food restaurants, in the flesh of dead animals and drinking another species milk.

Our bodies are our temple and is the only tool to thrive in this physical world. We can’t pray over food that we know harms us. This just doesn’t make sense when you honestly think about it. I was raised Baptist and we used to pray over our pork chops, dead collard greens that took 3 hours to cook, and fried chicken. When I spent 10 years in a non-denomination, Hebrew Israellite church, we didn’t eat unclean food such as pork, duck and unclean seafood. However, we ate beef, lamb and all of these other precious animals. My point is that we were still eating dead flesh. Now that I have changed my lifestyle, I try my hardest to make the healthiest decisions for my temple. Yes, some days I have a moment, but I still make my best effort to take care of my temple. The human body is the second key to a healthy life. When we know better, we should do better.

“Flesh was never created, by our creator for human consumption.” 

Spirit. It’s so important to have a connection with ourselves and our higher power. I remember when I used to believe I was just this walking flesh on this planet. I’m so far pass this now :). When I learned I was energy, I was power, and electric being who was made my creator image, It was a life changer for me. I started to live a life that I didn’t know was possible. I meditate, pray and listen to music that sits well with my soul. I started to do things that opened up doors for me in my life that I would not have completely understood just 2 years ago. I started to understand the female energy and understand why it was so important for me to accept who I was. There was a point of time when I was lost and confused about myself as a woman. Tradition tells us that women are less dominant and inferior to men regardless of the super power men see we possess everyday.

Our spirit should be at peace everyday regardless of the obstacles we face. Its hard to be at peace and on track to a healthier life when the world is in chaos (especially is you follow to horrible news). It’s even worst with going to a job that doesn’t resignate with who you are. It’s even worst having children in this society. Let’s not even mention the public school systems. We have to find peace and have love in our spirit to be healthy, happy and to be fulfilled. Authentic love is something the world lacks, but it needed abundantly. This is the third factor of having a healthier life.

If you’re looking for ways to be at peace with yourself, focus on building awareness to your mind, body and spirit. Spread love and allow yourself to be loved. Eat healthier foods to promote a healthier body. Let go of anything that doesn’t bring you happiness (this can be difficult, but it’s so worth it). Pray & meditate frequently. Put a smile on someone’s face. The universe will send you everything you need you’re ready to receive it 😉


3 Ways To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle (My Current Journey)

Last night’s dinner: Romaine lettuce, organic pinto beans, 1 avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers,  1 baked chicken tender strip (chopped), a splash of fresh-squeezed lemon juice & sriracha hot chili sauce. Yummy!

I LOVE food! I love it in many ways, but have been working on my eating habits. Since the last winter, I’ve been working on ways to get healthier and lose weight. I have a set goal for my weight loss and intend to lose these pounds within a 8 month period. So what’s helping me create gorgeous, tasty meals you see here? It’s these few things I’m taking into consideration.

1. Saying NO even when it seems impossible.

This can be such a struggle especially when someone is next to you with fried chicken and have enough to offer you a wing. I love fried chicken, but I know it’s not what’s best for my internal health. If you expect to reach my goals, you have to say NO and go the other way. When I think of my family members (including my deceased mother) who were obese and died from a serious illness, it really makes me afraid to go down the same path. Man-made foods taste great, but they’re not worth a premature death.

Vegan Burritos with mushrooms, chick peas, avocado, cilantro & salsa.

2. Surround yourself with kindred spirits who are serious  about their health.

It’s so important to be surrounded with people who are on a similar journey. This was complicated for me especially while living in Dallas, TX. I was surrounded by that 97% who complained about everything. They complained about their jobs, neighborhoods, the news, weather and the yellow shirt they wore when they wanted it to be blue. You name it! This is what I would hear everyday. So what started to happen was I began to isolate myself.  People weren’t as sociable either. So it was very challenging to connect with the right people. At this time, I was learning more about the mind, body and soul. Can you believe that some people would prefer to stay ignorant instead of make adjustments in their lives? I found myself trying to inform people on healthy eating habits, water intake, having your body in an alkaline state, etc. Those people weren’t listening, and could care less about my passion. As I started to see the pattern, I was no longer confused. I realized that I was talking to the wrong people. So when you’re on the right path regardless of what others think, the universe will send you the right spirits. This has happened to me first hand. Since I’ve changed my environment, I’ve been able to work on my goals. I exercise more and have been able to get great tips for cooking, Have those food for thought conversations and it’s reminded me of who I AM.

Mostaccioli pasta with fresh garlic cloves, avocado, tomatoes, onion and marinara sauce.

3. Make sure becoming healthy is something YOU are passionate about.

One thing I’ve learned for sure is this. Your change is for you and you only. If others are influenced by your positive changes, that’s a great thing! You’ll be changing lives and becoming a better person all at the same time. This can be very rewarding and can eventually pay off. I’ve learned to not force by passions on others.. When a person is ready to change their lifestyle habits, you will know in due time.

Working In Silence

My sons love Legos & this image kinda goes with the title of this post 🙂

Today, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. We were discussing the importance of keeping some life goals secret. This has been something that I’m still working on mastering, because it’s definitely needed to succeed. When we speak of our goals, dreams and aspirations to others, it makes it more difficult to accomplish these things. For instance, this summer, I was in the process of taking over a Beauty Salon. It didn’t go as planned and I decided taking ownership wasn’t what was best for me at this moment in my life. When I think back a few months, the events that were taking place in my life, taking full ownership of a 5 chair full services beauty salon, and managing a family, I would have set myself up for destruction. Let’s not forget that I wasn’t silent. I put post on social media of me in the salon, and spoke about my choices with a few people out or pure excitement. So when everything didn’t go as planned and I walked away, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was very disappointed and found myself at point A. If I was silent, this probably would not have changed the outcome, but I definitely would have felt better about the situation. It would have been easier to accept what happened despite the result. The choice I made would have rolled right off my back like nothing.

Back to the conversation me and friend were having today, it was about energy and being very careful who knows your next move. When speaking to people we feel we can trust, it doesn’t always mean everyone has your best interest. Speaking of our goals, ideas and plans to execute slowly takes away power from our blessings if they are in the wrong ears. Everyone we tell has a little bit of our energy that’s set on this goal. I know this first hand, because I’ve seen my blessing get blocked. These blocked blessings and obstacles came from sharing my excitement with the wrong people and speaking too soon. If your friend or family member doesn’t have big plans for their life, how can they be happy for your path to success? This is something that I face from time to time and have learned to distance myself and work in silence.

When you and the universe know your plans and dreams, it makes it so much easier to manifest. When everyone else knows, it creates a road to destruction. I’ve personally been down this road and have made the decision to pick a more narrow road when it comes to who I share my business with. In the end, it’s so worth it.

Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account


Social Media has both it’s ups and downs. One platform I was attached to was Facebook. I would literally spend a lot of time whether it was for business, personal or just getting caught in the videos that were going viral like all the time. I started my Facebook journey back in 2008 and been loyal with occasional breaks. I’m sure you may remember when Facebook was about reconnecting with old classmates, friends and family members. Nowadays, it’s totally different. It’s where many air their dirty laundry and vent when their boss piss them off. All isn’t bad, because there’s a lot of good vibes as well.

After being active for years, I started to watch how friends and family would only want to communicate by commenting on my posts or via messenger. I’m a hands on, prefer to build “real relationships” kinda spirit. I refuse to have a relationship with the ones I know  and love through “Facebook.” I’ve thought about discontinuing my account for years, but wasn’t ready to detach myself. I was too deep in to even think about leaving! I remember reading a post on Steve Pavlina’s blog some time ago. His post was about taking a break from social media. I’m actually at the point in my life where I feel this form of social media is something I MUST break from.

I’m proud to say that It’s been a month now since I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. It was difficult to at first, but it’s getting better! I’m more in tuned to what matters to me and spend less time in the world of Facebook! We all have our own challenges and distractions. Since I’ve been off of Facebook, I must admit that I’ve been more laid back and feel comfortable staying in my own lane. I’m loving the process of my life instead of following everyone else’s movie. I’ve been able to be more productive with my time and get the results I seek in my life. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. My goal is to stay deactivated for a whole year. I believe I can stick to this. I’ll keep you guys updated!




It’s Day 28 Of Our Fit Mama Challenge!!!


It’s Day 28 of our 90 Day Fit Mama Challenge! My muscles are tight! I don’t see results yet, but I know they are coming! One thing that feels great is shopping for a size 11/12 instead of a 12/14!!! The whole purpose of me putting this challenge together was to create a community of Mamas who were serious about losing weight, eating better and building stronger families through health and wellness!

I’m not a Dietician nor Fitness Instructor. However, I spent over 15 years working out, playing sports, dieting and exercising. I’ve reached my goals and others times I didn’t. I’ve used diet pills and tried intense dieting. At some point of time, worked out extremely hard and did very little dieting and still lost weight. Other times I ate 500 calories a day and lost a ton of weight. Then I gained it all back! I’ve educated myself on the body and how it works to reach fitness goals and I’m always listening to professionals who have years in the industry. My point is that I’ve personally tried several techniques and have a clue of what works and what just doesn’t work.

After doing this for so long I’ve come to my own philosophy and it’s this. Eat in moderation, let go of the foods that aren’t serving me and stay ACTIVE! I have no set time when I want to lose my excess weight, but I demand a lifestyle to be my best self! There is still a little over 60 Days left in the challenge! Wanna create a better you with other moms who are on a similar mission? E-mail me: missnishabee@gmail.com

Today Is The Day! 90 Day Workout Challenge In Full Effect!


Today we started a new journey in our lives! We made the decision to get fit, get healthy and build longevity for ourselves & our families! This process is going to transform my life as well as other women who felt it was necessary to make this spectacular decision!

We completed the following activity:

*5 Push Ups , 10 Bicep Curls, 10 punches, 10 Lunges & 6 Calf Raises

Do you feel good about just doing it today? I must admit that it feels even better knowing there are other ladies across the globe who did today with me!

Let’s continue to knock this out by giving all we got 4-6 days a week!


Update: Fit Mamas Challenge Starts March 1st!


So if you were able to read my previous post, I’m on a mission to lose weight and build a small community of 5-10 ladies who are looking to be apart of something fantastic! Are you one of those mamas that have been trying to get fit, but haven’t been able to commit? Have you had little support on your health journey? If you can answer yes to one or both of these questions, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up. They say birds of a feather flock together so working with like minded women, there’s no way you can not reach your goals!

This isn’t about who can lose the most weight. Whatever your individual goals are, it’s important not to compare yourself to others. I believe in staying in my own lane and knowing we can all conquer as long as we’re being consistent. So what should you expect during this challenge?

  • Post a before & after pic

  • Take your weight and measurements in inches

  • Complete 3-28 day fitness challenges that focuses on targeted areas

  • Support one another through short facebook page and Google Hangout

  • Share tasty recipes and snack ideas (if any)

  • Use It Works! Global enhancement products (optional)

 Are you ready to start seeing results and having a team cheering you on? Sign up by subscribing to this website or  e-mail me at missnishabee@gmail.com :-).