You Should Be Proud When…

As a parent, one of the proudest moments is to see the accomplishments of your children. Many times, as moms we forget about ourselves and put the family first. Its a great feeling when those sacrifices were so worth it!

School ends in 4 days and my sons would have officially finished 4th and 6th grade! I’m so proud of them! This year has had its ups and downs, but we made it through!

This school year (2016-17) was the first year I made a leap of faith to have my sons attend virtual school from home. We found a great school with a great cirriculum and pushed through! 

It was by far a walk in the park. You know how your children are different in school and come home being themselves right? Well when the kiddos go to school at home, they have no choice, but to be who they are. With this, I’ve learned Jordan is a class clown and play with his pencils when he’s bored. Jt is the perfectionist and is down when he doesn’t get 100% on all his assignments.

Many parents know these traits of their children based on speaking with teachers and students. However, when you are the Learning Coach, when the teacher is there occasionally life is different. You see most of your child’s strengths and weaknesses unfold right in front of you. 

After presevering through this school year, we made the decision to stay in the virtual world for the upcoming year 2017-18 with their current school. 

So here’s what Im proud of….

1. We went Vegan and have done our best to stay meat free 98% of the time. Dairy free 80% of the time. Cheese has been the hardest to let go!

2. Jordan no longer eats candy after learning that his favorites are GMOs.

3. Meditation and Yoga has been a big part of our lives. 

4. I’ve lost weight during the school year and now on a mission to lose even more all summer long! 

5. The boys will remain Gifted and Talented students next school year! 

I have a lot to be proud and thankful for. 

How did your children make you proud this school year? How did you persevere when you made a needed sacrifice for your kids?

Kale Smoothie Gone Wrong!

This image was intended for the sake of this post and not the smoothie I personally made in my kitchen. Check below for my smoothie that didn’t come out so well 🙂

I love smoothies! I love them so much that I used to visit Smoothie King 5-6 times a week. My boys would have their fair share as well.  If you’ve been to this smoothie shop or a similar one, you’re familiar with how expensive it can become overtime. This is one reason why I began making my favorite snack/meal at home. The last time I visited was back in March of this year. I usually go through the drive thru, but decided to order inside the location this time. This was a new location in the Oak Lawn Dallas area, just a couple of minutes from where we lived before coming back to Vegas. I would usually order a berry smoothie or the Peanut Power Plus with Chocolate if I wanted a little more flavor. It tastes like resee cups and was a meal replacement smoothie which was something I took advantage of often.

I ordered and it was no problem as always. Just friendly service with my delicious smoothie in my hand. However, what I noticed was something that didn’t sit well with me. I ordered a berry smoothie & I noticed they used frozen fruits. I’m a fresh fruit kinda lady so it was a bit surprising to see I was paying about $7 plus tax for a smoothie that didn’t have fresh ingredients. There were no hard feelings with Smoothie King. I still enjoyed their services. I was a customer for 3 years. But this really made me think how would my smoothies turn out if I was to make them at home. Would I be satisfied? It was worth a try. After a few trial runs, I was able to create delicious smoothies. I bought Dole frozen fruit with strawberries, mangos, and pineapples with frozen yogurt a couple of times and loved it! Like I said, I’m not a huge fan of frozen fruit, so I was willing to give it a try on my own. I created all kind of shakes with natural ingredients and used only fresh fruits and vegetables! If I could catch a deal, these foods would be organic for sure. Here’s some images of the smoothies I’ve created.


Now here’s an image of the Kale smoothie I created. I used the simple foundation and built on it like I did my other smoothies, but this time it didn’t work. The presentation of this is beautiful, but the taste was horrible! Just being honest! I drop about a teaspoon of organic chia seeds in every smoothie I drink. I love the added nutrients.

My smoothie created at home which is gorgeous, but didn’t taste so well 😦

I asked several people how to create a kale smoothie. One lady used to work in a smoothie shop. Her response was I should cook the kale for added flavor and to soften the texture. I will master this smoothie in due time! Click here to check out this video of me and my youngest son creating a smoothie together. It was great bonding time and was beyond delicious! This is a great way to introduce little ones to healthy eating 🙂


Growing Together (Mother & Sons)

With my schedule, it’s not always easy spending quality time with my sons. I get caught in front of the lap top, in my phone, running errands, doing chores around our home, etc. It’s easy to forget to actually stop and spend real time with them. I’ve been working hard at closing the lap top, going on walks, taking trips to both the park & pool to watch them have a great time. It’s helping us grow closer together.

We spent the early afternoon at the Springs Reserve to an Open House for their online school. It was awesome, because I was able to get questions answered and met their teachers!

After having a great time with the staff at their new school, we went to the mall and did a little shopping! After the mall, no one was ready to go home, so we went to M&M world on the strip! I’ve lived in Vegas for years and never been to this 4 level superstore. It was quite an amazing experience for us! We spent a lot of time laughing, burned lots of calories walking and created awesome memories together!

Becoming a parent is a true gift from God! As parents, we’re never too old or too advanced to still learn and grow with our children.

30 Day Review for It Works! Products: Here’s WHY I’m A New Business Owner :-)

When finding a way to make $$$ part time working from home, I’m not the person who just look to sell anything. My goal is to believe in what I sell. The only way this can happen is being a consumer of what you potentially want to sell. In this case, that’s exactly what I did.

When I received my products in the mail, I received them one day early which was shocking! I paid for 2 day shipping, but received my products in less than 24 hours (great 1st impression). I ordered on a Friday and received them early Saturday afternoon. I then went on to try the HSN (Hair Skin Nails) vitamin supplements. I created a video on 5 Ways to Grow Your Natural Hair a year ago. In this video, I spoke about how I lost 1/3 of my hair (my entire crown and left side) to where it was pure bald. I wasn’t able to see any specs of possible growth, but it happened! With personal development, a healthy environment and natural solutions, I was able to grow my hair back! The only downfall with growing it back was that my hair was very thin in those areas.

Since I’ve been taking the HSN, I’ve been able to see those little specs coming in! Like you know those little tiny hair follicles :-). In addition to my hair growing back, I saw my belly shrink in 45 minutes!


Here’s how my belly looked after 2 days

2 days 2nd wrap.jpg

This is how I look all wrapped up!


I can gladly share these products, because after using them for a month, I know they actually work! I feel more confident and feel fantastic on a daily basis! I use these products to enhance my current lifestyle. I made the decision to make healthier eating choices, get physical activity & be the best person I can be!

I’ll be open for business on Monday March 7th! This is going to be so exciting, because I have the results! I see why business owners have longevity with this company! Wanna learn more Contact Me Here.


Today Is The Day! 90 Day Workout Challenge In Full Effect!


Today we started a new journey in our lives! We made the decision to get fit, get healthy and build longevity for ourselves & our families! This process is going to transform my life as well as other women who felt it was necessary to make this spectacular decision!

We completed the following activity:

*5 Push Ups , 10 Bicep Curls, 10 punches, 10 Lunges & 6 Calf Raises

Do you feel good about just doing it today? I must admit that it feels even better knowing there are other ladies across the globe who did today with me!

Let’s continue to knock this out by giving all we got 4-6 days a week!