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You Should Be Proud When…

As a parent, one of the proudest moments is to see the accomplishments of your children. Many times, as moms we forget about ourselves and put the family first. Its a great feeling when those sacrifices were so worth it! School ends in 4 days and my sons would have officially finished 4th and 6th… Continue reading You Should Be Proud When…

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The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

We all have friends right? It seems like some friendships will never end, but everything has its season. I lost my best friend six years ago. We were also first cousins. I always had friends, but our relationship was never ending until the day she was taken. When I think back on our relationship, she was… Continue reading The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

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It’s Day 28 Of Our Fit Mama Challenge!!!

It's Day 28 of our 90 Day Fit Mama Challenge! My muscles are tight! I don't see results yet, but I know they are coming! One thing that feels great is shopping for a size 11/12 instead of a 12/14!!! The whole purpose of me putting this challenge together was to create a community of… Continue reading It’s Day 28 Of Our Fit Mama Challenge!!!