Tips to Start a Healthy Food Lifestyle

It can be challenging starting a healthy eating plan that actually works. We live in a world where most of our food is a joke and is making huge corporations wealthy. Some say not to worry about buying organic fruits and vegetables because there’s a very little difference while others highly recommend these foods. No matter how difficult it may be, I’m here to tell you that there’s still hope to live a better life and there’s no need to settle in poor eating habits. Here are some tips that can help you get started in the right direction! Consuming Less … Continue reading Tips to Start a Healthy Food Lifestyle

Why Becoming a Vegan Saved My Life

Weight loss can be very tricky. One thing I’ve learned is before you can lose weight, one must master what’s being consumed in the body. If we eat crap, we feel like crap, and will eventually become crap. This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. We are what we eat. I love how Ralph Smart put it, “You’re either eating to LIVE or you’re eating to DIE.” Since I’ve adapted to a Vegan lifestyle, I’ve noticed an abundance in my health. I’ve prayed for so long while looking for answers. Since I’ve found the answers, here’s what’s been taken place … Continue reading Why Becoming a Vegan Saved My Life

Cherish Both Life & Death

  It was a very special day for my family. My sister gave birth to my niece at approximately 6:30am this morning.  It was an emotional time for us even though I wasn’t there in the hospital room with her physically. I was able to offer her the support she needed delivering her first baby. My sister and I have been bonding during her pregnancy and patching up lose ends in our relationship. It’s been such a blessing to be by her side during this precious time. Our family history is priceless and will be explained in a later post :-). Recently, I learned of a … Continue reading Cherish Both Life & Death

The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

We all have friends right? It seems like some friendships will never end, but everything has its season. I lost my best friend six years ago. We were also first cousins. I always had friends, but our relationship was never ending until the day she was taken. When I think back on our relationship, she was definitely out of this world with her way of thinking. The information we’re learning now about our world, she was already there and educating others along the way. Since we were children, our relationship was always beyond the basics. We spent many chats talking about … Continue reading The Gap Between The Old & New YOU

Crystals & The Beauty of The Journey!

How do you know you’re on the right path in life? The Universe will send signs! This is beyond amazing and here’s why! Last night, I introduced my sons to Crystals through a Spirit Science series on YouTube (you can watch it here). An acquaintance told me about Crystals a while back and I watched these same videos. After looking at these informative animations, I just knew this would number 1, catch my sons attention and 2, really spark their interest in Crystals! I was right! We began looking into Crystal stores in our area immediately. Today, My youngest had a field trip to … Continue reading Crystals & The Beauty of The Journey!

My Favorite Season & It’s My Birthday! Libra life: simple yet priceless :)

Today is my Birthday!  I’m so grateful, blessed and know I’m not finished on this journey. My sons & significant other surprised me with beautiful decorations all over our home, birthday cards that were expressed beautifully and we had ice cream and cake! I haven’t had the ice cream and cake combination for my birthday in many years.  It was definitely a special day for me :-). October is my favorite month of the entire year! My birthday is the first reason, I LOVE 80’s horror films which usually are available the entire month for Halloween, and watching the seasons change … Continue reading My Favorite Season & It’s My Birthday! Libra life: simple yet priceless 🙂

I’m Homeschooling This Year!

Not entirely, because I have help! Here’s my story :). When it comes to being a mother, I strongly feel my sons should have the best options. I remember seeing parents ecstatic for winter, spring and summer break to end so they could send their children to these public schools, as if it’s a problem for their children to be home for an extended period of time. I will say this with full confidence. Children weren’t asked to be here! I understand everyone needs a break, but I don’t believe a school or the teachers should be babysitters. I’ve taking time … Continue reading I’m Homeschooling This Year!

How To Stay True To Yourself

I’ve faced different challenges in my life. The most recent has been caring what others think of my life decisions. I was really doubting myself for a moment until I had to put myself in check and stay true to who I AM. There was a point in time when I was soul searching & trying to figure out who “Nisha” is and who she feels comfortable being. At the same point in time, I’m open minded so I always have an ear to hear others’ opinions or wisdom. However, I was starting to feel myself going back into this … Continue reading How To Stay True To Yourself