Your Uniqueness Is All You Have (Kick Old School Nonsense To The Curb)

I’ve been speaking about separation on this blog lately for good reasons. I want to share with those who would listen that separation doesn’t exist. Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, we are all one. We have been following rules of our world that has always led us down the road to pure destruction. Once again,Continue reading “Your Uniqueness Is All You Have (Kick Old School Nonsense To The Curb)”

Male/Female Versus Masculine/Feminine Energy

We live in a world where we have been taught everything is physical or it needs Scientific proof to be proven as fact. Luckily, we live in times where more Scientists, Reasearchers and Archaeologist are no longer hiding truthful information about our existence. I’m about to take you to a whole notha level with thisContinue reading “Male/Female Versus Masculine/Feminine Energy”

Read This & Never Fear Death Again

Are you afraid of dying? This post may change your perception all together. Here’s my story on death, how I experienced anxiety around death from an early age and why I now have peace about death. I’m one of those individuals who has experienced many unfortunate events from an early age. Most of the womenContinue reading “Read This & Never Fear Death Again”

Why Healthy Foods Tastes Less Appealing Than Unhealthy Junk?

Happy Halloween! Most of us may or may not know the answer to this question. I want to remind you of what healthy food is versus foods that are marketed as “healthy.” I’m not not a Scientist nor Physician. I have researched, studied herbalism and tried different natural remedies for years to improve my ownContinue reading “Why Healthy Foods Tastes Less Appealing Than Unhealthy Junk?”

Separation Is An Illusion

Updated: May 7, 2022 Note: When I use the words God, Divine, Lord and Creator I am simply using different words to describe one being. During these recent years, the answers to life I’ve been praying for have unfolding right in front of me. When I walked away from all religion 6 years ago, IContinue reading “Separation Is An Illusion”